What Age Do I Like My Child Best?

Bel Messer

June 26, 2015

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What age do I like my child best? Note: I said like, not love. I don’t want to come across as not particularly liking my children at all of their ages, but the fact is that some of their ages can sometimes be a source of irritation. I mean this in the most loving of ways.

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Okay, let me break it down.


baby yawningOooooh I love babies.

The sounds, the smells, the way they rely on us for their very survival.  I can’t get enough of this stage of their little lives. If there was a way to bottle them at this age and just keep them this way I would do it in a heartbeat.

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toddler paintingThen they begin toddling around. This is very cute. I totally get the entertainment factor and the sponge like learning.

But throw in a tantrum about absolutely nothing, and I’m instantly longing for them to grow out of this stage.

Just the other day I stood in my toddlers poop and it squished right up between my toes! Yes, you read it right. Not my dogs poop. My human child’s feces.

Oh and last week he was in the bath after pooping his pants and a tiny little plop was floating in the bath, what did he do? Well he lent forward to pick it up saying mm mm bicky! Poop. Its everywhere!

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Preschool & Early School…

mess free fun 10 no-glue crafts preschoolers headerNext is the preschool and early school years. These few years are a daily mystery.

We are learning exactly who our child is and what kind of personality we are dealing with here. They are slowly gaining independence and making known their likes and dislikes.

I must admit, I do quite like this age. The funny little anecdotes and proudly learned facts are food for the soul.

Note: this may be the last age that you, as parents can guide them gently in regards to who they should become friends with at school. Choose carefully, because with the child comes his/her parents!

Middle Primary School…

sad-217252_640Middle primary school is where the sneakiness and testing of the relationship begins.

A child at this age is craving more than anything their own independence and voice. They are longing to be heard and they may have the misguided belief at times, that they in fact know much more than their parent.

Bare with them, they are still little children in bigger kids bodies.


Teen Rolling EyesPuberty! Oh the tears! (my girl has been there… I’m yet for my son to hit it)

A child coming into adolescence can be quite the selfish one. They will find it hard to see from another’s point of view and may learn best the hard way i.e: friendship problems, values and independence differences with parents.

It is good to remember they are going through some physical changes and may require your guidance and advice from here on in.

Be gentle. For they can be quite emotional and unbalanced at times. Lots of understanding and patience is needed during these years.


teens on mobilesTeenagers. Here we are… My favorite.

Let’s assume for the sake of this article that we know there will be mood swings and outbursts (at least 30% of the time). But alas, this is my favorite age so far.

The adult like conversations, the inside jokes, the understanding of adult content in humorous movies and books. The ability to be compassionate at times. With age increases, this phenomenon happens more and more.

The shopping and lunching together. Note: I have a teenage girl… not a teenage son.  I hear this species grunts quite a bit through these years. You’ll need to wait 10 years for my opinion on them :)

Of course I love my offspring everywhere in between, but there we have it. My favorite ages are babies and teenagers.

Oh and did I mention that a teenager can be fantastic at helping with the toddler? Bonus! (Note: a bribe may be necessary in this instance).

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What Age Do I Like My Child Best-

Over to you! Let us know if you have a favourite age in the comments below.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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