Why Parents Will Like Allianz WeatherSafe


Allianz WeatherSafe is a free web and smartphone service that can help you stay safe and plan your life better using the latest weather forecasts. We asked a parent to review the app, find out what Denise, mum of 4, thought of the service.Allianz-WeatherSafe

100% FREE and available to everyone

Allianz WeatherSafe uses best-in-class 3-hourly and 7-day forecasts supplied by MeteoGroup, one of the world’s leading weather forecasters. It also provides additional features such as satellite imagery and severe weather alerts so that you can protect your family and avoid or minimise damage to your property.

These additional features require registration which is simple to complete and is completely FREE.

More than just Weather Forecasts


The good thing about Allianz WeatherSafe doesn’t just offer weather forecasts. As a registered user you can receive severe weather warnings from Meteogroup for up to three locations of your choice. And you can share alerts with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail.

Why will parents like it?

We think the Allianz WeatherSafe APP and service is very handy for parents because:

1) the 3 hour forecasts let you plan ahead,

2) you can check weather warnings if you’re travelling with the kids in the car

3) the alert service is handy particularly for keeping an eye on the safety of your house

4) it’s free!

We asked Denise, mum of 4, to try out the app and give us her feedback:

“It was easy to install and easy to register for the extra alerts service. I like the fact that the 3 hour forecasts are there because any chance of dry weather I like to head out with the kids to the forest park near us or to the beach even in winter, and it’s great to know if you’ll need to chuck in the wellies and raincoats to the back of the car. We also do a bit of up and down to Dublin to see our family and I’m going to be checking it for weather forecasts so I can plan if it’s not great driving weather”

The Allianz WeatherSafe APP couldn’t be easier to get. To get the APP on your iPhone or Android simply click on the relevant link below and download it for free.

WeatherSafe for iOS

WeatherSafe for Android

Have you tried out the WeatherSafe app? what did you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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