Your Hilarious Memories of Your First Disco

First disco memories

Family life is full of firsts and Vodafone want to help you create and remember family firsts this summer. Who doesn’t remember their first disco? The pinnacle moment in every adolescents’ life. This was the night, which was the topic of conversation for weeks amongst excitable first years everywhere. The first disco wasn’t just a random night of dancing and fun with your friends; it was much more than that. It was your first step into adulthood. Here are some hilarious memories from your first disco, get ready to cringe!

Your first disco was the place where most of us experienced our first kiss, dabbled in questionable fashion choices and danced oh-so awkwardly with our crush for the first time. A lot happened inside those local GAA hall walls, most of which hasn’t been discussed since – until now that is!

We asked you to share your first disco memories, and they have transported us right back to the cringe-worthiness of it all. Prepare yourself for tales of terrible fashion, awkward shifting and worried parents.

“My first disco brings back fond memories of only tanning my legs using tanning wipes, thinking no-one would notice the difference – they did. So, looking like a striped zebra with my crimped hair, wearing my kitten heels and ra-ra skirt, I approached the bouncers with my sister’s ID. I swore I was 16 and made my way through the door as the confident 15-year old I was. This led to a photo shoot in the girls’ bathroom using a friend’s disposable camera. After our photo shoot, the night was filled with plenty of awkward dancing and numerous people asking, ‘Will you shift my friend?’.” – Sinéad

first disco experience“My friend and I went to our first Disco together in 6th class. We wanted to establish that we were the bad alpha boys of the school before secondary school, so we wore eyeliner and painted our nails black. It’s safe to say; the next few years were pretty rough.” – Daniel

“My mother forced me to wear a rotten turtleneck, velvet hairband and cropped crochet jumper – of course; I swiftly changed out of my outfit in the disco toilets. The mortification!” – Caroline

“I had my first ‘shift’ at my local disco. I obviously hadn’t a notion what to do, so I moved towards the lucky guy with my arms like a hug, with one arm above his shoulder and my other arm around his back. It was the most awkward moment of my life, and I refused to do it again for a very long time afterwards.” – Amy

first kiss at first disco

“For the whole car journey on my way to my first disco, my mum gave my group of friends and me a speech about how we were ambassadors for our families and to not do anything silly. I was absolutely mortified in front of my friends, but I tried my best to brush it off and focus on enjoying the disco. I spotted the guy I had a massive crush on, and I went in for the kill. Two minutes into the ‘most important’ kiss of my life, my phone buzzed. It was a text from my Mum – “Remember you’re an ambassador for your family!”. Safe to say it ruined the mood.” – Faye

“At my first disco I kissed a boy who had a chipped front tooth, with Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing playing in the background. I was called ‘Chippy’ in school for months afterwards.” – Karen

“I grew up in a small, rural Tipperary village. At my first disco in the local hall, a guy I went to school asked me to shift him. I awkwardly had to inform him that we were third cousins and I didn’t think it would be a good idea. I’ve never seen the colour drain from someone’s face so quickly!” – Marian

Over to you now. What are your first disco memories? Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

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