Vote for our 2019 Mykidstime Charity of the Year


Please take a moment to vote for a charity that helps kids and families for the 2019 Mykidstime Charity of the Year. Voting closes on 31st January and the chosen Charity of the Year receives support and advertising throughout 2019 to help promote their cause and fundraising efforts. Here are the shortlisted nominations from parents:

A few things to tell you as every year people query the voting system and complain to us!

  1. The voting is done through a standard WordPress form inserted below this text.
  2. All votes are verified by IP Address. We don’t alter the votes in any way.
  3. It works on the basis of one vote per user every 24 hours, so if you voted later in the day you need to wait until later in the day on the next day to vote again. And if you vote using different browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE etc.) the votes will initially show up but once the form updates (approx every 12 hours) any additional votes from the same IP Address, regardless of the browser used, will revert to one vote.
  4. We don’t give precedence to one charity over another. It is our policy to support all charities anyway so even if your chosen charity doesn’t win, they can still ask us to get the word out about fundraising events or campaigns and we will help. The Charity of the Year just gets dedicated advertising space every month. So if you have a quibble about the way the voting is going, rest assured it is as fair as we can possibly make it technology allowing!

Votes placed before midnight 31st January will be accepted. The winning charities will be announced on Monday 1st February.

You can view results of the vote here, please note that they are updated once a day so your recent vote may not be included until tomorrow.






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