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Tap into our active engaged audience with tailored research to get insight and feedback to meet your marketing and business goals.

About Mykidstime

Mykidstime is one of the most trusted online brands* for parents and kids. Over time we have established Mykidstime as a reputable source for parents. Parents trust us.

* Based on 2012-7 Userneeds surveys benchmarked against other websites

Our Audience

70% ………………… Engagement

62% ………………… Visit at least once a month

85% ………………… Purchasing decisions made by women

98% ………………… Trust our website*

How can you learn what family consumers really want?

  • You need to have a meaningful conversation
  • You need your consumer to trust enough to yield honest and meaningful feedback
  • You need to engage consumers where and when they are most relaxed and secure
  • You need to offer consumers the space to speak freely
  • You need to really listen to what they say

We can help!

Work with us to access

  • Our expertise in how to engage effectively with parents
  • Support to help you develop strategic research that is focused on getting the answers you need
  • Our global large and engaged parent community for access to different markets
  • Our large, global community of engaged parents
  • Parents of all age groups from pregnant through to teens
  • The benefits of the trust our audience has in
  • High quality feedback and insights from your target customers, in different markets around the globe
  • Personalised qualitative insights

Our Insights Solutions

  • Online targeted surveys
  • Online targeted focus groups
  • Deep delve insights including video feedback
  • Influencing mums to become influencers
  • Turnkey solutions to your market research needs
  • Our own technology platform
  • Cost-effective fast turnaround

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