Your Opinion Matters – Have your say and win!

We are looking for 20 Moms and Dads to share their thoughts and opinions on children’s extra-curricular classes.  Our partner is an online US STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, maths) learning provider and they want to hear what you have to say about STEAM classes because Moms and Dads know best.

You can choose how you take part.

  1. Join our panel – details of what a panel is and how it works are below, along with pre-qualifying questions.


2. Answer the questions now

Either way, you will be entered into a draw to win one of 2 Amazon Gift Cards worth €40.

What is a panel?

It is like a focus group but better with less commitment involved. The panel takes place over two days. We will ask you to answer 4 questions per day and they will take you a total of no more than 20 minutes to answer. The best part is you have 24 hours to answer each set of questions and that means you can answer them at any time throughout the day at a time that suits you best. The information you share with us is provided to our brand partner collectively and anonymously.

Why join our panel?

We have two $40 Amazon gift cards and at the end of the panel we will draw two names from the people who completed all questions over the two days. With a max of 20 people on the panel, the odds of winning are very good!

Joining our panel is easy, quick and free.  If you fulfil the criteria below, sign up today and join our panel. We have lots of fun when we run our panels, and you will enjoy seeing other people’s feedback too!

Are you a Mom or Dad and

  • Has a child aged 5 to 14 years
  • Lives in the North America (USA or Canada)
  • Available to answer questions between Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th January (remember complete the 4 questions at any time during the 2 days that suits you)


Caroline and MyKidsTime Team