Save on the Innovative Blouse Button

The innovative Blouse Button is a very clever and functional accessory designed to help minimise cleavage on your favourite top or dress. Mykidstime readers can save 10% off this great product at Secret Fashion Fixes during April.

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Blouse Button Offer

The Blouse Button is a very stylish pin that can be used to help close up low cut tops or dresses and prevent gaping bust lines. It eliminates you having to manipulate safety pins or wear a camisole.

It can also be used to close wrap tops or dresses, keep pashminas / scarfs in place, close shirt gaps, hold sarongs in place, replace lost buttons or just wear it as an accessory!

The Blouse Button comes in a crystal, pearl, black, red or purple ensuring you have the perfect button for every outfit.


My Kids Time readers get 10% Off the Blouse Button with promo code: BLOUSE at the checkout.

Have you tried the Blouse Button? Please let us know in the comments box below. 

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