Save Money On “Stop The Yelling” Online Parent Bootcamp

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Parenting is tough and it can become all too easy to get stuck in a cycle of yelling at your children to get them to do something and it ending in drama and tears. But help is at hand with our resident parenting expert Val Mullally and her “Stop The Yelling” online parent bootcamp. Learn how you can save money on your place. 

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The 5 star rated “Stop the Yelling” Live Online Parenting Bootcamp by parenting expert Val Mullally starts on September 18th.

Book your place now and save €20 when you enter the discount code: harmony at the checkout.

What The Stop The Yelling Online Parenting Bootcamp Offers

  • How to be the kind, caring and connected family you’d love to be.
  • Put your Frustration and Anxiety in the back seat and retake control!

MEGABONUS: Each week extra time for online group coaching with Val about the parenting issues you wish to discuss.

Book your place now and remember to enter the discount code: harmony at the checkout to save €20. 

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