Stop The Yelling – Live Online Bootcamp Parenting Course Special Offer

Stop the Yelling Bootcamp

Do you ever feel frustrated with your kids? Are there days when you feel like yelling at them? Or maybe you do yell sometimes! Discover how to be the kind, caring and connected parent you’d love to be. Put your Frustration and Anxiety in the back seat and retake control! Sign up for “Stop the Yelling” Live Online Parenting Bootcamp 5 star rated interactive course with Parent Coach Val Mullally and receive a discount.

As a mother of 5 year old twin girls, one Down Syndrome, can be very challenging and sibling rivalry can push your limits. Stop-the-yelling Bootcamp helped me to be a better parent and to understand my child’s behavior and needs. Importantly, my needs too.

This course is for you if you want to discover :
*  how to be a calmer, happier parent
*  how to respond in a way that strengthens the connection and cooperation between you and your children

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