Why Junior Einsteins Science Parties Are Guaranteed to Fascinate and Amaze


January 3, 2016

Junior Einsteins Science Summer Camps

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Have you got a kid’s birthday coming up? Looking for something unique in the way of a home party but without the work? Then find out why Junior Einsteins Science Parties are guaranteed to fascinate and amaze the birthday boy or girl and their guests!

What Are They?

Junior Einsteins science experiment to do at home

Junior Einsteins Science Club bring their amazing, hands on science experiments to your child’s party. Children wear lab coats and goggles and are enthralled by explosions and potions including:

  • 2 Types of Slime
  • Give Barbie a hair raising experience on a Van Der Graff generator
  • Lighting lightsabers with a plasma ball!
  • Hand-Boilers, bubbling, foaming Elephant Toothpaste reaction.
  • Watch the bubbling, foaming Elephant Toothpaste reaction
  • Shoot giant smoke rings at each other with fabulous giant Smoke Cannons.
  • Mentos and Coke geysers shooting 20 feet in the air

Don’t worry, they clean up any mess and leave your home or venue as they found it!

kids science

Who Are They For?

Primary School Children aged 5 – 12 in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath & Wicklow

Why Are They Different?

The Junior Einsteins Science Parties are something different – they are completely hands-on and they encourage your ‘Junior Einstein’ to explore and be curious about the world around them.

Showing a child how fascinating science is through hands-on fun is creating a life long passion.

Children will learn about and see Van Der Graff generators, Plasma balls, Why are snails slimey?, Punch a bowl of  slime, Shoot Giant smoke cannons,  20 foot high Coke & Mentos Geysers are only some of the excitement in store!

All of their instructors are real scientists, are Garda checked and fully insured.

plasma ball - science party (1)

Tell us in five words why children enjoy a Science Club Party?

Unique Hands-on Fun Science experiments

To find out more or to book a party visit the Junior Einsteins Science website

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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