The Best Unusual Baby Shower Gifts for Babies (& their parents!)

Ben Campbell

January 21, 2015

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When it comes to baby showers, many new Moms find they get an abundance of baby clothes and toys from friends and family. So, why not treat her and the baby to something a little more unusual? Something that nobody else will buy her! Below are some of the best unusual baby shower gifts for babies (and their parents!).

1. Hand & Footprint Impression Kit

A clay hand and footprint kit is a great keepsake gift, allowing new Mom and Dad to make an imprint of their newborn baby’s little hands and tiny feet. This sentimental gift can then be framed on the wall or made into a canvas in the nursery so it can be seen every day. It will also give parents the chance to remember how tiny their little baby was and reminisce as he/she grows up.

razberry teether2. Teething Toys

It may seem like an unusual gift but any new Mom will be appreciative of these gifts when their little one starts teething! They come in all different shapes and sizes. These delicious looking teethers from & should put a smile on both the parents and the babies faces, and won’t cost a fortune either.

3. New Mom Survival Kit

Help Mom-to-be unwind and prepare her ready for motherhood with a gift basket full of relaxing treats, pampering products, chocolates and herbal teas. According to a recent survey by, after new baby has arrived, 46% of new Moms were scrambling for essentials and 24% had to run out to buy things they didn’t anticipate needing!

Be sure to include all the essentials she may need in the early stages including

  • tissues
  • lotions
  • wipes
  • diapers
  • nipple cream and breast pads.

Although these items might not seem exciting now, she’ll certainly be thanking you for it when the baby arrives!

4. Cooked Meals for a Week

The new parents will be so busy with their bundle of joy that cooking delicious and nutritious meals will have to take a back seat. You can help by preparing them a variety of frozen meals for when they simply don’t have the time.

They’ll really appreciate the gesture and it will make their lives much easier when they don’t have to spend time cooking. If you haven’t got time to make meals, you could always research a collection of quick and easy recipes, print them off and and put together a recipe book for them both.

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5. Something Handmade

Gifts from the heart are so more meaningful. If you’re the crafty type, why not make the Mom-to-be something truly unique and special? You could make a patchwork quilt full of baby patterns, a cushion to place on a rocking chair in the nursery, or clothing such as hats, booties or cardigan. Martha Stewart has some fabulous ideas for handcrafted baby shower gifts.

Lots more baby and shower gift ideas on Mykidstime Store.

6. Photography Session/Time with a photographer.

Nothing is treasured more than pictures of parents and their baby. Every parent will have these pictures (even if they’re not framed and hung around the house). Most baby shower gifts get used and then forgotten after the first couples of years, but family photographs will last forever.

7. Baby gift basket

Whether it’s a clothes hamper, a toy hamper or one with a bit of everything, a personalised baby hamper is a really thoughtful gift. You could make one yourself or buy them online from somewhere like Glitter Gift Baskets.

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8. Portable Baby Food Masher

Annabel_Karmel_Food_MillMore practical than you think. If you’re ever caught short without any pre-mashed/pureed baby food it is a nightmare trying to mash up normal food with a knife and fork, believe me. If you’re at a restaurant that doesn’t cater to babies, if you’re on a camping holiday, or if you’re just bored of the same old processed baby foods, this little bit of kit is perfect for all sorts of situations.

This NUK bowl and masher is perfect for on-the-go or at home, and is not expensive.
Available on &

9. Handcrafted growth chart

So you’re running low on money and you still want to make an awesome gift for the Mom and Dad to be? Here’s the perfect gift. A height growth chart is something that will ALWAYS be used, and besides, it beats drawing on the wall with a permanent marker. Follow these simple instructions to make your own version, and you’re present will definitely be a big hit.

10.  Babysitting Vouchers

What new parent wouldn’t value some babysitting? Whether it’s to go on a very rare date night, or just a shopping trip away from baby on a Saturday, this present is perfect. It’s the kind of thing that will be really appreciated and DEFINITELY used! Make your own vouchers with these free printables.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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