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Schools Will Require All Parents to Take Irish Tests

The Department of Education has announced that all schools will require parents to take Irish tests before the end of June to show they...
girl studying french for kids

Fun Ways To Introduce French For Kids To Improve Learning

Would you like to introduce your kids to French? Maybe you are going on holidays or want to give them a head start for...
Junior Einsteins Bring STEM to your home business party or school

Hands-on Science for your ‘Junior Einsteins’; Science Parties, Camps & School Events

Junior Einsteins are passionate about all things science and want to share their passion with as many young minds as possible. They do this...

Transition Year: Yes or No?

Are you the parent of a Junior Cert student, wondering whether they should go straight through to Senior Cycle or do Transition Year? Many...
Child having difficulty at school – Mykidstime

How to Support Your Child If They Are Having Difficulty At School

When your child is anxious, sad or nervous about school, it can lead to great distress at home for the whole family. As a...
child doing homework Irish words and phrases

60+ Fantastic Irish Words and Phrases to Teach Your Kids

To celebrate Seachtain Na Gaelige which runs from March 1st to 17th 2019, we have put together 60+ Fantastic Irish words and phrases to teach your...
how to bully proof your child

9 Practical Tips On How to Bully Proof Your Child

Worried your child might be being bullied? Here are my 9 practical tips on how to bully proof your child: Sign up for our free Newsletter...
French Classes for kids and teens Dublin Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise Dublin French Classes for Kids and Teens (and Parents!)

Are you looking for French classes for your child or teen? The award-winning Alliance Française Dublin has over 50 years’ experience in teaching French...