healthy school lunches

How To Avoid School Lunches Being a Pain in the Stomach

Worryingly, more children are developing digestive problems that were once the reserve of us adults. As we head into a new school year, dietitian Caoimhe McDonald tells...
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Fun Facts About Ancient Greece For Kids

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11 Brilliant Math Websites for Kids That Make Learning Fun

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Science for Kids: Exploring Light with Dr. How’s Science Wows!

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Status Red Weather Alert all schools closed

Status Red Weather Alert for Entire Country Results in School Closures Nationwide

With the arrival of Storm Emma, Met Éireann has issued a nationwide status red weather alert for the entire country and all schools and...
lunchtime at school

Research Shows Lunchtime Can Be Key To School Success

One of the best ways to help your child to do well at school lies in their lunchbox according to new research. Not only...
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40 Fun Questions to Ask Kids About Their Day at School

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The 5 Stages of Back to School Emotions for Parents & Kids

Heading back to school after the long summer holidays can be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone in the house. Shari's Berries have created this...