Say Goodbye to Lost Property with Personalised Name Tag Labels from MyStuff


Tired of losing everything from P.E. gear to lunch boxes or school jumpers to books? Well now you can say goodbye to lost property with personalised name tag labels from MyStuff and ensure your children can identify their stuff from everyone else’s at school, summer camps and after school activities.

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name tag labels from mystuff

MyStuff™ is Ireland’s favourite supplier of personalised name tag labels.  In almost 10 years of providing top class iron-on and stick-on labels to Irish families, they have learned what our customers want; top quality personalised name tag labels with a choice of colours and designs, that are great value for money. 

Iron-On personalised name tag labels

Iron on peronsalied name tag labels iron on labels are perfect for labeling school uniforms, sports gear and all clothing as they are durable and resilient and stay on wash after wash. They are also tumble dryer proof.  They have continued to expand the range as well as the normal labels, they now offer satin labels, mini labels and sticky tag labels which are new in 2017.

Stick-On personalised name tag labels

name tag labels for lunch boxes stick-on labels are perfect for

  • labelling books
  • markers & twistables
  • lunch boxes
  • drink bottles (as they are dishwasher proof),
  • shoes & runners
  • mobile phones & all your kids’ stuff.

Their stick-on labels come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and fonts and there are lots of icons that can be selected depending on your child’s preference.  They also make special allergy labels.

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Value pack name tag labels

value pack personalised name tag labels

Lots of families order the value packs and this helps to save money.  The most popular are the Standard Value Pack with 50 stick-on and 50 iron-on labels and the MEGA Value Pack which has 50 stick-on and 50 iron-on labels, a set of shoe windows and 100 pencil labels.

Personalised name tag labels delivered to your door

stick on name tag labels labels are processed and dispatched in the mail in 3-5 business days. We accept payment via Laser, MasterCard, and Visa.  We take orders by telephone, post or online.  MyStuff™ is proud to be Irish owned with all our labels produced to order in Kilkenny, Ireland so you don’t have to wait long for your order.

Order your personalised name tag labels today and say goodbye to lost property forever! 

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