Status Red Weather Alert for Entire Country Results in School Closures Nationwide

Status Red Weather Alert all schools closed

With the arrival of Storm Emma, Met Éireann has issued a nationwide status red weather alert for the entire country and all schools and colleges will remain closed on March 1st & March 2nd as blizzard like conditions are expected to take hold. 

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The Status red weather alert was put in place at 11pm on Wednesday February 28th and will remain in place until 3pm on Friday, March 2nd.


Schools, both primary and secondary and third level institutes and colleges across the country will remain closed and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar last night called for people to be safely indoors by 4pm on Thursday, March 1st as the worst of the snow arrives.

Children nationwide will wake up to an unexpected ‘snow day’ as the Department of Education has issued a statement to all schools to remain closed for March 1st & 2nd.

snow fun

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