5 Ways Your First Pet Changed Your Life


Family life is full of firsts, and Vodafone want to help you create and remember family firsts this summer. Nothing compares to that first drive home with your new bestie sat contently on your lap and the whole family cooing and fussing around them. Most people don’t realise just how much of an impact your first pet has on your life, but we can assure you it changes your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine! We’ve compiled five of the main ways your life changes with the addition of your new buddy below.

Choosing your first pet is a significant family first. Whether your family picks a puppy, cat, hamster or a snake, the excitement of welcoming the first pet into your home is incomparable. Visiting the pet shop or animal shelter and picking out your new friend is a momentous occasion and not one to be taken lightly. It’s a daunting task to choose the right pet, but it usually ends up being love at first sight, as they say – when you know you know!

#1 Becoming Obsessed with Choosing the Right Name

After taking your first pet home, you are left with the task of naming them. Most people think this will be a simple task, but how very wrong they are. You never thought you would become so obsessed with choosing the right name for an animal, but it quickly consumes your thoughts and keeps you up at night!

“Will we go with something cute like Toffee?”, “Human names can be funny for pets, how about Martin?” – The name choices are endless, and sometimes your pet will be referred to as many different things before a name is settled on.

#2 Learning How to Feed Your Pet

Now you have a pet; you need to learn how to feed someone other than yourself. Different animals have individual feeding requirements, so depending on your pet choice your feeding experience can vary greatly.

The first time you feed your pet it can be hard to know if you’re doing it correctly. Dogs and cats are simple, a tin of food will do the trick, however, if you decided a snake was the perfect first pet choice that’s an entirely different adventure!

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#3 Interrupted Sleep

Welcoming a new pet into your home goes hand in hand with interrupted sleep. For the first few weeks, as your new friend settles into their new surroundings, expect some disturbance during your slumber.

Whether it’s your puppy crying for some attention, your cat purring louder than you ever thought a cat could purr or your hamster running furiously on his hamster wheel- these sounds are a first that you soon will get used to.

#4 Dealing with Clean-Up ‘Incidents’

Once we pick our first pet, we fall in love with them right away. We would do anything for them, and we know they will be our friend for life. However, let’s be honest here – the first time you clean up after your pet has an ‘incident’ can make you question your life choices.

Cleaning out your hamsters’ cage or picking up copious amounts of dog poop from the kitchen floor, after little Toffee (we went with the cute name) decided it would be a lovely way to start the morning, is never a fun task. However, after surviving your first clean-up, it only gets easier – that’s what we keep telling ourselves anyway!

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#5 Realising That Your Pet is Your Best Friend

One of the most significant ways your life changes after getting your first pet is swiftly recognising that they have become your best friend. Very quickly, you choose nights in with your new animal friend over nights out with your human friends. Your pet is always up for hanging out, there’s no back and forth messages in group What’s App chats trying to organise a catch-up.

Your pet doesn’t judge you if you want to lounge around in your PJs all day and they’re always up for a cuddle (unless you have a fish or snake – that may not go down too well!). Non-pet owners mightn’t understand your new-found friendship, but the bond you have with your first pet will stay with you for life.

Over to you now. What was your first pet called and what was it? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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