6 Compelling Reasons to Consider Switching from Oil to Gas


December 5, 2022

Switching from oil to gas

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Did you know that you can switch from bulk tank oil to bulk tank gas no matter where you are living in Ireland? There is a common misconception that you need to be ‘on a gas line’ to make the switch, but with a simple boiler upgrade and a new tank, anyone can make the switch! And from a price freeze to security, here are six compelling reasons for you to consider switching from oil to Calor gas.

Reasons to Switch from Oil to Gas

#1. Price Freeze

Reasons to switch from oil to gas

This is the kind of big freeze we like! Calor are offering new domestic bulk tank customers peace of mind this winter with a 2 year price freeze on gas.

#2. Heat Your Home for Free!

New domestic bulk tank customers will also receive a choice of a free fill of gas or a free boiler! That’s 1200 litres of LPG or a brand new boiler.

So if you make the switch today and be confident in the knowledge that your first fuel bill or new boiler is taken care off.

#3. Never Run Out!

I myself have made the switch to Calor because they offer an automatic top up service! My tank sends a signal when it is getting close to empty and Calor come out and fill it up.

No more checking levels or realising you have run out of fuel when the heating won’t come on and it’s freezing outside!

And best of all, with their EasiPay plan, you can spread the cost of your fuel bills throughout the year.

#4. Lower Risk of Fuel Theft

Unlike oil, gas is almost impossible to steal. So when you make the switch, you can rest easy that your fuel is safe when you are away from home or tucked up for the night.

Switching is Simple

There has never been a better time to switch. Along with all the benefits of having gas as your main fuel, Calor take the hassle out of switching from oil to gas.

switching to Calor Gas

#5. More Sustainable Options

You can reduce your carbon emissions with Calor LPG and even more with their renewable fuel option, Calor BioLPG.

#6. Energy All Rounder

reasons to consider switching from oil to gas

One fuel for everything! By making the switch from oil to gas you can use it not only for heating and hot water but also for cooking. And gas is the perfect option for those who love a real flame fire.

Switching Made Simple

Whether you are renovating your home or are currently using LPG, electricity or have an oil central heating system, switching is hassle free.

Simply register your interest and Calor will arrange for an energy consultant to assess your energy needs. They will work to get you the best deal on converting your home to Calor Gas, and help you figure out the best payment options for your family.

If your boiler needs to be changed, they work with your chosen RGII gas installer, or recommend one to you, to fit a new, A-rated LPG boiler. Once this is connected to your tank you are ready to get your first FREE gas fill.

Reasons to consider switching from oil to gas

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