7 Amazing Online Family Events For St Patrick’s Festival 2021

Caroline Kelly

February 22, 2021

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Everyone will get a front row seat for St Patrick’s Festival 2021! Events have been moved online for 2021 as it is currently not possible to gather together. Family fun and community spirit are at the heart of every St. Patrick’s Festival, and this year is no different. The SPF Óg strand of events for the young and young at heart are sure to delight everyone, no matter where in the world they are!

The festival theme for this year is Dúisigh Éire – Awaken Ireland. Events will take place online from March 12th to 17th. There will be stories of our dynamic, modern, diverse culture and celebrations our proud ancient traditions.

With over 100 events taking place across six great virtual days and nights, there is something for everyone at the Festival this year. Best of all, you can tune in from anywhere in the world and get a front row seat to enjoy the action.

The St Patrick’s Festival, SPF Óg events offer a boisterous collection of performances, workshops and fun experiences for families and young people. All events will be available to stream live or watch back from 12th March. There will be a full schedule available on site from early March.

Amazing Family Friendly Events For St Patrick’s Festival 2021

#1. Ballet Poulet by Fanzini Productions

St Patrick's Festival 2021 Ballet Poulet

Two world class Olympian-level idiots bring to you their latest masterpiece. She has prepared a poetic, delicate and tender ballet. He has prepared a bad ass display of mayhem.

Ballet Poulet is an non-verbal, family friendly street show featuring clown, dance, circus, comedy and absurdity.

Fanzini Productions is one of the foremost street arts companies based in the Republic of Ireland, touring nationally and internationally.

#2. Kids Yoga at National Gallery Ireland

St Patrick's Festival 2021 Kids Yoga At the National Gallery

Can you tell a downward dog from a Monet?

From the comfort of your home, learn more about the masterpieces in the national collection whilst taking part in these three yoga classes for children (young and old!)

Alongside the yoga, instructor Mary Dowling will also discuss Irish art from the Gallery. She will take in the different locations on site and encourage our young to start early while enjoying the mindfulness connection through art.

#3. Tumble Circus presents The MacCarnyson

St Patrick's Festival tumble circus

Tumble Circus presents The MacCarnysons, a hammer smashing Belfast inspired circus movie like no other, with class circus, big laughs and dead-on skill.

The circus is facing hard times. Sean MacCarnyson has a choice to make, to sell out or to keep the respect of his family. A 30-minute circus comedy film shot in and around Belfast. The MacCarnyson’s features death defying aerialists, hardcore acrobats, mind bending jugglers and loads of craic.

#4. Teen Spirit with Bressie

St Patrick's Festival Teen Spirit with Bressie

Niall Breslin’s spoken word piece,“Teen Spirit” brings him back to his secondary school classroom. He thinks about what he would have said to his teenage self to help his own mental health.

“Teen Spirit” takes Niall back to the day in his teenage years when he found out that one of his musical heroes, Kurt Cobain, had died by suicide.

He talks about how the adults around him reacted to the news and the stigma that surrounded Kurt’s death. Niall asks himself, knowing what he knows now, what he would do differently today. In asking, he can show this generation of teenagers how they can be the ones to stop the stigma around mental health. By using his own story he ensures that this piece is one that teenagers all over the world can relate to.

#5. Animal Transformations

St Patrick's Festival Animal Animations

Discover ancient tales of shapeshifting creatures and create your own in this book-making video workshop with visual artist Duffy Mooney-Sheppard for ages 5-12. The Ark & Irish Arts Centre NY present Animal Transformations.

Ireland’s history is full of stories of humans turning into animals. Have you heard of the selkie people who could transform into seals? The children who became swans? The women who became wolves? The man who became a salmon, an eagle and then a hawk?! These animal people were believed to possess great wisdom and knowledge.

In this creative book-making workshop, you will choose what animal you would become and see what wisdom you might learn. Using simple materials, we will design a booklet and each draw our own imagined animal transformation tale.

#6. Science at Home with Dr. Dan Nickström & Midlands Science

St Patrick's Festival Science at home

Are you a physicist but don’t know it? Scientist Dr. Dan Nickström solves the scientific mysteries of the world in this video series from Midlands Science.

In this series, Dr. Dan explains the physics behind some of the everyday objects we find at home. He also looks at the natural world such how bees and pollinators contribute to our ecosystem.

And of course, no science lesson would be complete without a look at Dinosaurs! Tune in to unravel the mysteries and awaken the physicist within.

#7. Irish Legends with Eddie Lenihan

St Patrick's Festival Irish Legends

Irish author, storyteller, lecturer and broadcaster Eddie Lenihan is one of the few practising seanchaithe remaining in Ireland. Eddie is well known for his tales of Irish folk heroes, fairies, fallen angels, and other supernatural beings.

He has also published poetry and stories about historical and legendary women of Ireland, and railroad history.

A collector and preservationist of folk tales, he has recorded stories told by older people that were passed to them by their parents and grandparents. Eddie is now distributing them to a wider audience via print, audio and filmed recordings.

You can enjoy these and much more besides, when you tune into St Patrick’s Festival TV, which can be accessed globally.

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Like this? Share it with your network!

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