9 Common Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Skincare Routine


May 23, 2022

Skincare Routine Common Mistakes

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How good is your skincare routine? My skincare routine is based on recommendations from a make-up artist I visited on the morning of my sisters’ wedding 11+ years ago, and a bit of guess work!

It seems I am not in the minority. A survey carried our recently by The Skin Trust Club, showed that 63% of their users incorrectly identified their skin type! But what impact, if any, could this have on your skin? Find out if you are making any of these common mistakes that could be affecting your skincare routine.

Common Skincare Routine Mistakes

Moisturiser Mistakes

At a minimum most of us will use a moisturiser as part of our skincare routine. These products vary in price and quality from under €10 to brands costing hundreds of euro. Whatever the monetary cost, using the incorrect products for your skin type can result in dull, unhealthy looking skin and can lead to unwanted skin conditions that could have been avoided.

Knowing your correct skin type is essential when it comes to choosing a moisturiser. Those with dry skin will need a moisturiser with extra lipids to help retain moisture within the skin, while those with oily skin need a light emulsion, with less than 10% lipids, that won’t overload the skin with oil. Find out what else is important when it comes to moisturisers.

Clever Cleansing

cleansing and skincare routine

I am generally a warm water cleanser as I don’t wear much make up. But cleanser is top of the list of skincare products for many. As with your moisturiser, choosing the correct cleanser for your skin type is essential to maintain healthy, happy skin.

Find out more about the right or wrong cleanser for your skin type here.

Sharing Is Not Always Caring

Whether you live in a house full of women, men, teens or a mix, using products designed for someone else can not only be irritating for the person you are taking it from, but could also be irritating your skin too!

Just as we are all unique, so it our skin. So stealing your partners skincare products may not be the best solution when it comes to your skincare routine.

Aggravating Acne

skincare routine and acne

One in 10 of us will be affected by acne at some stage in our life. There are many treatments on offer, but maintaining a healthy skin microbiome can help in the fight against acne. From diet to clothing, pollutants to skincare products, find out more about treating acne prone skin here.

FREE Kits for June!

To celebrate Skin Microbiome Day on June 27th, Skin Trust Club are offering you a FREE skincare test kit for the month of June. Simply enter the code from the top of the page at the checkout and you will receive your kit in the post.

Skin Trust Club

Seasonal Switches

Just as the seasons change so should our skincare routine. There are environmental changes associated with changing seasons that can affect our skin and so it is important to understand these and make adjustments throughout the year. Here are some simple skincare tips from Skin Trust Club to get you started on your new seasonal skincare routine.

Food and Skincare

food and skincare routine

The food you eat can have an impact on your skin and can cause skin irritations and flare-ups. One of my friends gets a reaction to products containing salicylic acid and recently discovered that eating pineapple caused her skin to flare up. It wasn’t until she checked that she discovered pineapple is full of salicylic acid! Meanwhile, I can eat as much pineapple as I want and my skin doesn’t react at all.

Learn more about food and your skin and how maintaining balanced gut health is key to any good skincare routine.

Hidden Ingredients

Do your skincare products have hidden ingredients? The answer is probably, yes, some if not all of them will have hidden ingredients. Find out more about what hidden ingredients may be in your skincare products and how they can affect your overall skin health.

Exercise Affects Skin

exercise and skincare routine

We all know that keeping fit is good for our bodies, but did you know it is also good for our skin? From increased blood flow to make your skin glow to sweating out impurities, find out how you can exercise your way to healthier skin.

Sunkissed Skin

Finally, no matter the time of year, SPF is essential for the maintenance of healthy skin. Even in the depths of winter, harmful UV rays are present and can cause damage if you are not protecting your skin from them. Learn more about why it is important to wear sunscreen even in cooler winter months.

If you aren’t sure about your skincare routine and what products you should be using, check out Skin Trust Club where you can discover your unique skin microbiome and receive a tailored skincare routine to suit your skin type.

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