Aris Ireland – Baby Fairs for Smart Parents

Arís Ireland run baby fairs throughout Ireland where parents and parents to be can attend and buy or sell their second-hand baby, children and maternity goods. We had a chat with Sara Santarelli from Arís to find out more.

 Aris Baby Fairs

#1. What are they?

Arís Ireland – baby fairs for ‘smart parents’. We are the longest-running face-to-face” service for buying and selling second-hand baby, children and maternity goods. Buy and sell in person in your local hotel, community hall or parish centre. No fancy promotions, no confusing commercial stands, just parents meeting parents.

All that we want is to ensure that everybody can buy the very best for your children or sell to a large audience of Buyers at each and every ARÍS sale.

Our sales are packed full of everything you could ever need from maternity, new baby and children up to 8 years-old.

#2. Who are they for?

Everybody! Expecting mums (looking for baby equipment and maternity clothes), children (we have a kids-corner with activities), parents and grand-parents (looking for anything, from clothes, toys, books) or just to have a nice coffee and a slice of home-made cake in a very friendly place.

Aris Baby Fairs#3. Why are they different from other baby fairs/shows?

Everything we organise, we tested first. Paola and I were sellers once at these events, then decided to take the opportunity and became owners of Arís Ireland.

The average cost of becoming a parent is about 4,000 euro for the fist year and that is on the low side.  At our Fairs our buyers will spend for a second-hand good somewhere from 50-30 percent of the retail cost on baby equipment.  Then, when it comes to clothes and regular toys, it’s a higher depreciation value not because it is not in good condition but because nobody is going to pay more than a certain amount for used clothes no matter what the brand is.

Sellers and definitely our buyers at our fairs are delighted to keep their goods in good condition circulating and make or save some cash in the mean time.  We personally love it because a used toy to a child means nothing… it’s new them and they are delighted and I am delighted that it cost 2 euro instead of 12.

We can also add the emotional attachment that some parents experience when putting their items for Sale.  Maybe not so much when it comes to equipment but definitely for clothes and the likes of the moses basket.  I’ve taken two Seller spaces and I still get emotional when one prepares for the day.

Last, we believe in the real value of bargains, but we also want to know more. This year we welcoming consultants and experts on different topics or equipment that could be interesting for parents. On our next event we have a special area dedicated to ‘Babywearing’, with a consultant and demos on slings and baby-carriers.

#4. Tell us in 5 words why parents should go?

To buy, sell and enjoy!

Further information on upcoming Arís Sales, along with advice on buying and selling  can be found on

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