Does your child need some extra help with Project Maths?

The Maths Tutor is Ireland’s leading online support system for Project Maths – the new syllabus for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert maths. Kids learn through bite-size video lessons, and get support online to build up their maths confidence and skills. Parents get the peace of mind of knowing their child is getting appropriate support, and making progress with their maths instead of getting lost and left behind.

The Maths Tutor

What is it?

The Maths Tutor Project teaches and supports Irish secondary school students to master the new Project Maths syllabus.
They provide video lessons, interactive exercises, and online support, 7 days a week.  They also help students with exam technique, to prepare them for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert exams. is an affordable and convenient alternative to maths grinds, helping students to become more independent learners, while providing support any time it is needed throughout the school year.


Who Are they? was founded by Eamonn Toland, an IT guy from Donegal with a passion for helping people with maths.  In 2011, Eamonn realised the huge need for extra support for Irish maths students, especially with the new Project Maths syllabus being introduced.   He brought together the team of mathematicians, teachers and IT experts to create, and to provide that support for maths students all over Ireland.
Since then, the system has been used by thousands of students and teachers all over Ireland, and with their feedback, has continued to be refined and developed ongoing.  They’ve received fantastic testimonials from grateful parents and students. Hearing these success stories from real people is the most exciting and rewarding aspect of the business for Eamonn and his team.

Who is it for?

The Maths is custom-built for Irish secondary school students, and it caters for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert, at Ordinary and Higher levels.
Whether you are struggling to pass maths, or aiming for that A1, you will benefit from being able to access bite-size video lessons 24/7, and online support from real Irish teachers 7 nights a week.
You might be getting a maths grind, and want something extra to support you during the rest of the week.  Or perhaps you don’t have time or money to spend on grinds – if so, is perfect for you.

How much does it cost?

You can try out the system for free by registering at  Full Membership costs just €99 for the school year, and gives unlimited access to the system and the online support.
Use the promo code MYKIDSTIME to get €20 off when you upgrade to Full Membership.
Offer only valid until September 22nd 2014

Five words why students and parents love The Maths Tutor?

Affordable, effective, convenient, supportive, peace-of-mind


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