HR Connections offer training for First Aid Emergencies, Manual Handling, Food Safety and Fire Safety

HR and Safety Connections

We spoke to Claire and Mags at HR Connections to hear about the courses they have on offer for parents and childcare professionals.

HR and Safety Connections

Why is Paediatric First Aid Training Important?

HR and Safety Connections baby with tempWhen you drop your little one to crèche, school or after school activities have you considered if those supervising your child are trained to deal with First Aid emergencies should they arise?

Would you yourself be capable of dealing with one? More than half of childhood injuries occur at home and Summertime brings along it’s own problems: water safety, sunburn, food poisoning.

When First Aid is practised correctly it can make a great difference to the outcome of an emergency. Have you considered what you would do in an emergency?

If you are first on the scene of a First Aid emergency you could be responsible for:

•    Reassuring the patient
Talk calmly and quietly, use their name, tell them what you are doing, even if it appears they are not conscious.

•    Making a brief assessment of the injury and the accident site
How serious does the injury look? Is it safe to leave the injured person where they are? Do you need help?

•    Deciding if Emergency Services should be alerted. If there is any doubt at all it is best to call.
Dialling 999 or 112 will reach Emergency Services. State you require an ambulance. You will be asked a number of questions by the call taker, answer the following speaking clearly and calmly:

  • The phone number your are calling from and your name
  • The exact location of the emergency.
  • The problem, what has happened, give a brief rundown.
  • nformation regarding the injured person
  • Listen carefully to any instructions given and stay on the line

•    Administering First Aid
You may be lucky and it may entail simply cleaning a cut and applying a plaster, it may be more serious and you may have to stem bleeding, do you know how?

What other training do I need?

HR and Safety Connections Manual HandlingA childcare setting such as a crèche highlights other issues, both for the child and the minder.

With young children involved it is of paramount importance that staff are prepared in the event of a fire.  Plan an Emergency Response if a fire breaks out.  Consider escape routes and how all the children may be safely conducted off the premises.  Complete a fire drill.

A rise in childhood allergies and risks concerned with food hygiene highlights the need for Food Safety and Allergy Awareness.  It is a legal requirement that the person preparing the food is trained in basic food hygiene.

Childcare professionals may be at risk of back injury.  In 2011-2012 the Health Service Authority reported that 32% of workplace injuries are a result of manual handling related injuries.  Types of injuries which can occur include:

  • Sprains/Strains
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) – back injuries, joint injuries etc.

Manual Handling training is designed to make you aware of the risks in lifting and moving objects and how to prevent injury caused by lifting or moving items incorrectly.

Baby manikin & LogoWhat Training Courses do HR Connections Offer?

We have a range of training programmes suitable for parents, play groups and crèches.  Please get in touch for more information.

Our training programmes include:
•    Paediatric First Aid
•    Manual Handling Training for Childcare
•    Food Safety and Allergy Awareness training
•    Fire Safety Training

Contact Claire or Mags at [email protected] or call 091 447 200 for more information or to book a course.

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