What to Look for in a Name Label? A Guide by My Nametags

Name Labels

Labelling your children’s school supplies and clothing is a yearly tradition before back to school. Are you confused by what labels will work best for you? My Nametags Tells us What to Look for in a Name Label.

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Labelling your children’s school supplies is a yearly tradition that most parents go through before a new academic year starts. Remember when your mother used to do it with sew-on labels, and now it is your turn.

Luckily, things have changed and there is a huge variety of products to choose from, including classic labels that work perfectly for school supplies, to colourful nametags that your child will love, and how about sticker labels that can be applied everywhere, even clothes – we can’t believe it either!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t worry because My Nametags is here to help you find the best name label for you.

The Importance of Labelling

Imagine this scenario, your child wants the popular jumper that everyone has, but how can you ensure that they will not lose it in the nearby future? Children are always on the run and distracted while having fun, and one day they accidentally misplace their jumper!

One label can avoid future inconveniences. Items that are labelled are more likely to get returned to the rightful owner, or can be easily found once they are placed in the “lost and found” box. If that doesn’t convince you, wait until you hear the biggest benefit – you will avoid wasting money finding a replacement for the lost item!

What our Customers Say?

With so many name labelling products available in the market, a parent might get overwhelmed trying to find the best option. How do you know if a company or product is good or not? Our suggestion is to read what current customers say about them.

For the last three years, My Nametags has worked with an independent customer service monitoring organisation, called Feefo, that measures the success and quality of our product and customer service. We have received over thousands of reviews from customers on Feefo, where 98% of them recommend My Nametags and are satisfied with the service provided.

Your Child’s Life is Full of Colour, Their Labels Should be Too!

My Nametags 2Black and white labels are still a popular choice because of their classic look, but why not add some colour to your child’s name labels?

My Nametags has revolutionised the name label market, with the introduction of full colour nametags in early 2013. Our customers have access to a huge variety of colourful designs, background, and fonts, giving them the possibility to create millions of personalised combinations.

What are the benefits of colour labels? Apart from being beautiful to look at, they bring an extra touch of colour to your child’s clothing and equipment. By having a personalised label, younger children will easily recognise their stuff by just looking at the design and colour of the label.

Goodbye Sew-Ons, Iron-Ons are in!

Remember those days your parents spent hours sewing labels onto your clothes? Just thinking that one day you’ll be doing the same was scary, well, those days are over! Parents now have other labelling options, such as the iron-on name labels.

Do not get confused by their name, iron-on labels are really easy to apply, only taking 8 seconds with a hot iron. My Nametags offers two options for their customers, classic labels and colour labels. We offer our customers the best product available in Europe. Once the labels are ironed on, they will stay on the clothing permanently. We are so proud and confident that our iron-ons will work, that we even offer our customers a 10 year guarantee!

My Nametags 3One Label Fits All

We decided to leave the best for last. My Nametags colour stickers are our latest innovative product that customers absolutely love. Our colour stickers can be used everywhere, on your child’s clothing and on all their equipment.

My Nametags colour stickers come in the perfect size to place them on clothing care labels, books, pens, colour pencils, etc. Our colour labels are resistant to rubbing and will not fall off if applied properly.

If you thought iron-on labels were easy to apply, then you will love My Nametags colour stickers. All you need to do is to peel, stick, and be ready to go. Even your child could join in!

Stick around with My Nametags and come design your own set of labels. It only takes 3 easy steps to design your own set!
So to let your child’s imagination run wild while designing their own set of labels.

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To purchase personalised name labels or stickers for school or nursery, sports equipment and clothing visit www.mynametags.ie


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