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I’m tired of trying to get diagnosed and keep track of symptoms! What antibiotics was she was on last & why?
I’m struggling trying to manage all my appointments! What time did I take my medications? Or did I take them at all?
If this sounds familiar MediStori can help with products to help manage your family’s health.


What is MediStori?

MediStoriMediStori is a personal medical organiser which features specialised, specific-to-illness management diaries and memos. These diaries reduce the high risks and stresses associated with daily medication management and misdiagnosis of both acute and chronic illnesses.

The MediStori keeps all of a person’s or family’s complete medical records together in one place, which can be an essential tool in an emergency situation.

It can be used from birth  onwards to record vaccinations, childhood illnesses like chicken pox, tonsillitis etc and antibiotics or medications taken to treat these conditions.

Who is MediStori for and how did it come about?

MediStori came about when Olive, mum to 3 beautiful girls, each of whom have had complex, chronic illnesses that need management, had to help her Dad when he came out of hospital on 22 different medications.

With first-hand knowledge of the stresses that come from managing medications, juggling appointments and trying to get diagnosed along with everyday life she realised she could not be the only struggling with these issues. And so MediStoi came about.

MediStori can be used by patients, carers and parents to store past medical history and manage on-going medical issues and treatments. And so provides a critical link between your various health care providers and allows you to have the most up to date information to hand in the case of an emergency. Allowing you or your loved one to focus on getting better.

If you would you like to support Olive with her MediStori journey she is  trying to raise awareness and funds by using a fun method to help start-ups through crowdfunding. With 10% of all money raised going to charity this is a really great way to support a fellow Mum. Everyone who pledges money gets a MediStori product…order yours today.

MediStori ProductsWhy is MediStori different from other products?

MediStori can be used from birth:

  1. It’s easy to use
  2. It stores all correspondence from all health practitioners
  3. It keeps an entire families history in one unit
  4. It helps record both past medical history and all the ongoing stuff too

Tell us in 5 words why people should use MediStori

Let’s get proactive not reactive.

Share your MediStori and help us to improve our products and services.  Olive needs your help  to get MediStori  to more people worldwide and help charities who help children and families.


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