PennyOwl: Teaching Kids About Money

teaching kids about money

Have you been looking for good ways to start teaching kids about money? Seamus Matthews from PennyOwl tells us about the PennyOwl app which is designed for parents and kids.

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What is it?

pennyowliconPennyOwl is a groundbreaking new mobile app that empowers parents to start the money conversation earlier, with their children. Giving an allowance is a great way to introduce children to money and PennyOwl gives parents and their children, the tools needed to manage and track allowances, and start the money conversation at home.

Teaching kids about money at an early stage helps them to be money-wise.

Who is it for?

Parents of children, 6+ who want to effectively parent in the digital age.

Why is it different?

It has ALL of the tools required to raise money smart kids, in one application. Spending, Saving, Learning and Monitoring – all in one place.

Tell us in 5 words why we should download the app?

To raise money-smart kids.

Download PennyOwl for free from Google Play Store (also available from Apple Store)

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Over to you now. Have you downloaded PennyOwl? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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