What is Project Maths anyway?


What is Project Maths? Project Maths is the name given to the new Irish maths syllabus for secondary schools.  It was initially introduced to some schools in 2008, and is now fully implemented for all schools for the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert. From 2014 onwards, all secondary students are being examined on the full Project Maths course. Here’s a bit of lowdown for you on Project Maths and what it’s all about:

The Maths TutorProject Maths puts more emphasis on real-life scenarios and requires a real understanding of maths rather than just rote learning.  It’s also planned that there should be less predictability in exam papers.

Project Maths has meant that all textbooks have had to be completely revised.  Because the 5 “strands” of Project maths were rolled out gradually, students in different years had different versions of the same book, or different combinations of books.  Thankfully this is no longer the case, as the new syllabus is now fully implemented.

Past exam papers and marking schemes also contain a mixture of the new and old syllabus.  This is something to bear in mind when doing revision.  You can find all past papers in one place on our webpage.

The new syllabus has had a very mixed reception among teachers and students.  Some teachers have criticised the course for being too long in some areas, while lacking in what they see as key topics for second level maths.  Many students are finding it hard to cope with questions which are much wordier than before, and which aren’t exactly their idea of what maths should be.
But Project Maths also has many supporters, who like the hands-on nature of learning involved, the new problem-solving skills being acquired, and the real-life applications of maths being understood.
The Maths Tutor

With this debate ongoing, as parents and teachers, what should we do?

Should we “give out” about Project Maths, and so give a message to students that it’s OK to “opt-out” of even trying to deal with it? We suggest that it’s better to realise that Project Maths is here to stay, so it’s much better to focus on the positives, find ways to deal with any negatives, and take steps to help our students to improve and even excel in the subject.

It’s much more productive to help students to gain a proper understanding of each topic, put it into practice, and make sure they are well schooled in exam technique so that they know how to deal with the new exam papers.  This brings wonderful peace of mind to students and parents alike.

So we strongly recommend that a positive attitude be taken towards Project Maths by everyone, and we would be delighted to answer any queries you may have about the new syllabus.

How can I help my child with Project Maths?

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