Simple Ways To Get Back Into The School Routine Quickly

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The school holidays are great, but they do tend to mess up routines. If your house is anything like mine, bedtime has gone out the window as has the morning routine, for the kids at least. That throws out mealtimes and I am truly dreading getting back into the school routine almost as much as the kids are! So here are some simple ways to get back into the school routine quickly with a little help from Eskimo-3.

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#1. Healthy Kids = Happy Kids (and parents)

happy school kids school routine

As children get back into the classroom their immune system is bound to be tested. Keeping them healthy and in a regular school routine is essential for learning, friendships and their wellbeing. So to help you get back into the school routine more quickly, re-instate a reasonable bedtime, rising time and mealtimes in the weeks leading up to back to school. This will reduce the chances of them being tired or rundown heading back to a new school year.

A daily dose of Eskimo-3 Kids can also help keep them fighting fit and ready for all those bugs and germs when they get back into the classroom.

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Children need Omega-3 for every stage of their development. The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is a true brain food. Just as calcium is essential for building strong bones, DHA is essential for good brain health. DHA helps to improve learning, mood, memory and concentration. Sounds too good to be true – yet scientific research continues to show impressive results.

eskimo 3 kidsFirstly, some studies have shown that omega-3 supplements can improve children’s literacy levels. A 2012 study found Omega 3 DHA had a profound improvement in reading age, concentration and learning ability in children, lower levels of DHA were attributed to poorer reading and impaired performance. In another study that covered a four-month period of taking omega-3 daily, children in the lowest 20% percentile for reading ability demonstrated improved literacy skills. Furthermore, omega-3s may also improve emotional processing and social skills among children with ADHD. One of the largest, most cited studies found that ADHD levels dropped from 32% of children to 18% with fish oil supplementation.

Studies show that you need 250mg DHA daily to support brain health. Eating oily fish twice a week – such as salmon or sardines, provides a healthy dose of omega-3 EPA/DHA, but that may be difficult to incorporate into a child’s diet. To ensure your child is getting enough omega-3s daily, give your child Eskimo-3 Kids – available in both liquid and a new chewable. You can find the full range of Eskimo-3 products in health food stores, pharmacies and online.

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#2. School Routine – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

back to school routine kids doing homework together

Children learn by repetition and most love order. By having a school routine in place from day 1 and sticking to it, you are creating order and avoiding clashes in the morning, after school and at bedtime.

For younger children you could create a fun routine sheet to print out that they can easily follow. Use pictures or simple words with the order they are to do things in the morning, after school and before bed. From putting on their clothes, to eating breakfast, cleaning their teeth, to snacks, homework, tv or computer time and a bedtime routine, spell it out and I promise it will make for easier school mornings and evenings. And it also empowers your children to learn early how to create a good routine.

#3. A Place for Everything

Back to School routine school morning routine

Set up a dedicated rack for bags, coats and shoes and encourage every member of the family to use their space so they are not running around on school mornings looking for lost items.

I also have a homework supplies box which is full of pencils, pens, erasers, colouring pencils and other items the children may need for homework. Our routine on school days is that they come in have a snack and do their homework. Having everything to hand speeds up this process and combats arguments as they know this is the routine and they have everything they need to hand.

You could also create a lunch box shelf in the fridge and cupboard where children can create their own lunches either the night before, for non perishable items and quickly in the morning for perishable items.

#4. Homework Station

school routine homework

If you can, have a dedicated homework station and schedule, it will really help everyone settle into the school routine quickly.

Get the kids to organise the station and agree together the routine for homework. With their input, things should run smoothly from day 1.

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#5. Stock Up the Freezer

freezer meals for back to school routine

If you have some time before getting back to school, try and cook up a few dinners that can be frozen and defrosted ready for busy school days. As you all get used to the new school routine, having those to hand can help on days when you may get delayed at work or homework takes longer than expected or you simply decide to head to the beach/park/playground on the journey home.

#6. If It Can Be Done the Night Before…

school routine lunches

I already mentioned a lunchbox station. These are great for getting kids into the routine of preparing their own lunches for school, which also means they are more likely to eat them! And can also save time during busy school mornings by adding non perishable items to their lunchbox the night before.

You could also set the table for breakfast the night before. Have everything easily accessible and encourage your children to get their own breakfast to make mornings run smoothly.

They can also lay their clothes out and that combined with their shelves/hooks/boxes for coats, bags and shoes means you will be back into the school routine more quickly than you think.

If you have any tips on getting back into the school routine quickly. Please share them with us in the comments box below. 

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