That’s when I learned to never give up


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That’s when I learned to never give up

Ruksana_1Imagine your home was made of nothing but sheets, with no doors, no locks and no security. Imagine this home was on the pavement and your garden was a busy road. This is what 11 year old Ruksana calls home.

She lives on the pavement in Kolkata, India with her family and spends the night at a shelter. Her mother was born and brought up on the same street and on the same pavement. But Ruksana’s Dad wants a better life for his daughters. He works two jobs to pay Ruksana_2school fees for Ruksana and her sisters, so that their children will not live on the streets.

Ruksana’s life is filled with danger but she escapes into her artwork and draws strength from her father’s resolve. Even when their tiny home is torn down by government officials, they fight on. Their will cannot be broken.

Meet the charming and beautiful Ruksana in the critically acclaimed feature film Girl Rising. Girl Rising is a must see film for women and girls who believe that all women should have the chance to chase their dreams. Ruksana_3It tells the story of nine girls around the world, who bravely stood up to be counted and refused to accept the fate others chose for them.

NGO World Vision supports Ruksana and her sisters with school supplies, tutoring, tuition support, and medical assistance to help them prosper in school and in life. The overseas aid agency strives to ensure all children get an education so that they can reach their full potential.

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