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gifts for kids drone

5 Unique Gifts for Kids to Surprise and Delight

When you first have a child, buying gifts for them is unimaginably fun, even if you know they’re going to destroy it with their...
after divorce

16 of The Best Things About Being a Parent to an Only Child

Families come in all shapes and sizes. If you are an only child you may wish you had siblings. And for those of us...
Touching Things Kids Say

33 Touching Things Kids Say to Their Parents

Children are so honest, which is sometimes not so great! But often they surprise you with an observation or declaration that is really touching. We...
travel with kids help plan

10 Tips for Surviving City Breaks when Travelling with Kids

I remember the good ol' days when all I had to do was book a cheap flight, pack a bag, get to the airport...
What Irish Kids Think of Halloweenvideo

[WATCH] What Irish Children Really Think of Halloween

Youthtubers have created a fun series of What Irish Children think....This month they look at What Irish Children Think of Halloween, from which is the best...

25 Reasons You Know You are the Oldest Child

Sarah, Katie, David....sorry whats your name again...sound familiar? I am the eldest of 4 children, and on a regular basis, am called by several...