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button and ballon carft ideas for kids a cute button bowl

Easy Balloon and Button Craft Ideas for Kids

We are always on the lookout for great craft ideas for kids to make and when I saw this balloon and button bowl, I...
rubbings craft from Potters Yard

Fun Printmaking Rubbings Craft for Children to Create and Treasure

We have teamed up with Potter's Yard Press to bring you a sample lesson plan to try at home with your children. This fun...
fun craft projects for kids how to make a pom pom

[WATCH] Quick Craft Projects for Kids: How to Make a Pom Pom

As a Mum of two, I am always on the lookout for fun craft projects for kids to do. I taught my kids how to make...
crafts for kids aged 8 to 12 years tweens

12 More Funky Crafts for Kids Aged 8-12 Years (Tweens)

During the tween years (kids aged 8-12), it can be difficult to get them interested in art and craft projects. We have 12 More Funky...
crafts for kids

14 Perfect Panda Craft Ideas for Kids to Make

There is something incredibly adorable about pandas and their simple monochrome colour scheme allows for plenty of crafty activities to suit all ages too! So if...