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Leaf craft ideas

15 Easy And Eye-Catching Leaf Craft Ideas For Kids

This blustery, cosy season will see us surrounded by an abundance of colour on the trees. As these leaves start to fall, they are...
button and ballon carft ideas for kids a cute button bowl

Easy Balloon and Button Craft Ideas for Kids

We are always on the lookout for great craft ideas for kids to make and when I saw this balloon and button bowl, I...
cotton wool craft

10 of the Cutest Fluffiest Cotton Wool Craft Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for a fun craft you can do at home with your child? We've rounded up some easy crafts to make with...
I'm Bored box for Summer

99 Entertaining Ideas to Combat “I’m Bored” this Summer

Do you find the long summer holidays a real juggling act? Are you constantly met with the refrain "I'm Bored"? Well help is at...
Rubbings Craft for Children Step 2

Fun Printmaking Rubbings Craft for Children to Create and Treasure

Rubbings are perhaps the oldest form of printmaking. By rubbing a crayon or soft pencil across a textured surface, and reproducing the raised elements,...
fun craft projects for kids how to make a pom pom

[WATCH] Quick Craft Projects for Kids: How to Make a Pom Pom

As a Mum of two, I am always on the lookout for fun craft projects for kids to do. I taught my kids how to make...
St Patricks Day Crafts

Luck of the Irish! Easy St Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

It's nearly St Patrick's Day and we have a round up of 15 easy St Patrick's Day crafts for kids that are fun, simple...
12 MORE Funky Crafts for kids - Mykidstime

Crafty Kids: 12 MORE Funky Crafts for Kids Aged 8-12 Years

During the tween years, it can be difficult to get them interested in art and craft projects. We have 12 MORE Funky Crafts for Kids...