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mum and daughter laughing

The Best Things About Raising A Daughter

We asked Mykidstime parents to share what they think the best thing about being parent to a daughter is. Some of the answers may...
dad tells his daughter

5 Things This Dad Regularly Tells His Daughter

As a Dad of 3 small kids, two of which are girls aged 7 and 1, life is always very busy and extremely interesting....
Mum with Teen daughter

10 Important Things You Should Tell Your Teenage Daughter

Are you facing into the teenage years with your daughter? The teenage years can be turbulent for any family, but also lots of fun....
Mykidstime 20 Things to Tell Your Daughter

20 Essential Things To Tell Your Daughter

Mothers and daughters have a special bond, but the world can be an uncertain place for your little girl when she is growing up....