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podcasts for teens

15 of the Best Podcasts for Teens (That You’ll Enjoy Too!)

Are you parent to a teen who always has their headphones on? Podcasts can be excellent ways of learning and exploring topics. If your...
FREE Rebel Girls Activities - Mykidstime

FREE Rebel Girls Activities to Spark Wonder and Creativity At Home

Rebel Girls are women who have changed history, sparked debate and challenged stereotypes – and we could be raising the next generation! These FREE...
new and different board games

15 Completely Different Board Games To Play With The Family

Monopoly may be the best-selling board game, but if you are looking for new games to play with the kids you'll definitely want to...
tik tok

TikTok: A Parent’s Guide

Is your tween or teen using the TikTok app? You might have heard or seen them use Musical.ly in the past, but did you...