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FREE Rebel Girls Activities - Mykidstime

FREE Rebel Girls Activities to Spark Wonder and Creativity At Home

Rebel Girls are women who have changed history, sparked debate and challenged stereotypes – and we could be raising the next generation! These FREE...
places to get free audiobooks for kids

Psst! Here Are Places To Get FREE Audiobooks For Kids

Are you looking for book options for your child? Do they enjoy audiobooks and listening to stories? Here are some places to get FREE...
Harry Potter escape room online

This Harry Potter Escape Room Lets You Visit Hogwarts From Home!

Looking for a new activity to do with the kids? Try your hand at this virtual Harry Potter escape room and visit Hogwarts from...
feel good family movies

40 of the Best Feel-Good Family Films To Watch With The Kids

We could all do with a dose of happiness and distraction at times, so we asked Mykidstime parents what their favourite feel-good, happy films...