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Kids on Tablets best language learning apps

The Best Language Learning Apps and Websites for Kids

Scientific research shows that learning a foreign language comes easier to those introduced to different languages from an early age. It comes more naturally...
Mykidstime potty training books

18 Fun Potty Training Books Your Toddler Will Love

Are you getting ready for the major milestone that is potty training? Stocking up on a few entertainment options is a great idea, and...
sensory christmas shows santa visits and pantos in Ireland

Sensory Christmas Shows, Santas and Pantos this Holiday Season

While we all love a trip to a Christmas show or a panto or a visit to Santa, for some it can be overwhelming....
Best video games for kids for Christmas 2017

The Best New Video Games For Kids For Christmas 2018

It's that time of year when the elves are super busy up at the North Pole, getting ready for Christmas. So if your little one...