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Safest cities in America to raise a child

These Are the 50 Safest Cities in America to Raise a Child

When it comes to raising a family, choosing somewhere safe to live is of paramount importance. This round up of the 50 safest cities...
Health apps - Mykidstime

An App a Day: 10 Health Apps to Track Sleep, Stress, Sex and More

From fitness or fertility trackers and on-demand workouts to memory games and guided meditations, there are some fantastic health apps to track sleep, stress,...
Mykidstime - 10 minutes a day to be your best self

Expert Advice: Take 10 Minutes A Day To Be Your Best Self

Busy parents often feel that any sort of ‘me time’ is a luxury they can’t afford to indulge in. Yet psychotherapist and author Abby...
Family bucket list - Mykidstime

100 Family Bucket List Ideas For The New Year

Are there things you would like to do together with your family but never get around to finding the time to do? Life always...