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categories game

How to Play the Categories Game, Otherwise Known as “Stop the Bus”!

If you are looking for fun new ideas for games to play with the whole family, then the Categories game or "Stop the Bus!"...
outdoor rainy day activities for kids

10 Galoshingly Good Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Living in the West of Ireland we are well used to the rain! I have long ago learned not to let it stop us...
Mykidstime winter crafts for toddlers

10 of the Cutest Winter Crafts for Toddlers to Make

Keeping little ones amused can be a tough job when it's cold and wet outside. Help is at hand though! From dinky little pine...
science sound experiments for kids

3 Fun and Easy Sound Experiments for Kids with Dr How’s Science Wows

How do you explain 'sound'? Why do we have two ears? Can you hear in space? Dr Naomi Lavelle from Dr How's Science Wows...