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Mykidstime First Communion Hairstyles for girls

48 Simply Stunning First Communion Hairstyles for Girls

With First Holy Communion season nearly upon us, it's time to get thinking about those final details – and one of these is how...
Hairstyles to prevent lice and nits - Mykidstime

Handy Hairstyles to Prevent Lice and Nits Taking Hold

In the Hair Helper household we like to approach things with a "prevention is better than cure" attitude and are happy to bring you...
Mykidstime Halloween hairstyles

12 Halloween Hairstyles for Kids to Spook, Scare and Delight!

If you're looking for something fun for school in the run up to Halloween, or a hairstyle to complement your child's costume, you'll love...
Christmas Hairstyles

6 Cute Christmas Hairstyles Perfect For Celebrating The Festive Season

Christmas is a great excuse to dress up, and dressing up your daughter's hair is always fun. Take it a step further than Christmas...

6 Easy Hairstyles For School That Will Make Mornings Simpler

It's that time of year again, where social media is filled with little faces in their brand new uniforms heading back to school after...
how to make a hair bun

WATCH: How To Make a Hair Bun Dad Style

We think this Dad has certainly got the knack with hair styling for his daughter. Watch how to make a hair bun "Dad style"! http://youtu.be/l28qwHq5UrE You...