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Family story time capsule for 2021 Census - Mykidstime

Preserve Your Family History with the new Time Capsule Feature in the 2021 Census

Every census that takes place is a chance to find out more about what's happening in our country, from the age and background of...
Gender reveals

Are Gender Reveals Here to Stay or On the Way Out?

Gender reveals have become quite a cultural phenomenon in recent years, with everything from coloured buttercream, confetti cannons, sky-writing and balloon releases used to...
Mykidstime mental health for special needs parent

How to Look After Your Own Mental Health As A Special Needs Parent

Life as a special needs parent can be tough, leading to feelings of isolation, grief and anxiety. Finding the time to look after yourself...
helicopter parent

10 Things You Do That Might Be Making You A Helicopter Parent

"Helicopter parenting" is one of those terms we've heard a lot about lately. Are you a helicopter parent? Would you know if you were...
mother and daughter parenthood

This Mum’s Post About Parenthood is Spot On – and a Tearjerker!

My eldest is about to head to college, so when I read this beautifully written piece by Misty Lee Brewer about parenthood, well, let's...
parenting teens

The Challenge of Parenting Teens: 9 Hurdles Every Parent Faces

Parenting teens is a rollercoaster ride that comes with many highs and lows. I am in the throes of parenting two teens currently, with...
chores for kids

40 Chores For Kids Depending On Their Age

Every child likes to add to their pocket money with chores around the house and garden. And I'm sure every parent thinks chores for...
Mykidstime Before There Was You motherhood poem

Before There Was You: A Motherhood Poem We Love!

Becoming a parent is a milestone like no other, with an influx of feelings we just never knew existed. Summing up the overwhelming emotion...