10 of the Best Educational Apps for Kids – reviewed by Families

best educational apps for kids

We don’t know about you but as parents we always feel that if kids are playing on apps, at least they should be learning something. So we asked families to review apps and here are 10 of the best educational apps for kids (and bonus most of them are free!):

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#1. Monkey Maths (iPhone, iPadAndroid)


Beat the evil rogue, Mean Monkey, to Banana Cradle and return the stolen ancient treasures to their rightful place. Travel to the enchanted islands of arithmetics and test your skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with multiple levels on each island. Every equation you solve brings you closer to victory.

“My 8 year old loved the game, but you have to be quick to answer. The next level unlocks as you complete each level. He sometimes got frustrated at speed, particularly as he progressed to more difficult levels, as he needed time to work out the answer. The equations repeat regularly throughout a level particularly if you got it wrong previously. Would be nice to be able to slow down game for younger players, so they could progress though levels. – Marie”

Cost: Free

#2. Max & Ruby Science Educational Games (iPhone, IPad)

educational appsJoin Max and Ruby at the local fair where they’ll teach your child all about Physical Science. Through guided narration, music and, of course, silly bunny fun, Max and Ruby will teach your child about the properties of liquids and the motion of objects.

This app also includes a bonus game that allows your child to step into Max & Ruby’s world by dragging and dropping objects and characters into scenes from the popular television series, tap them to see a surprise animation.

“My son enjoyed it, good fun and kept his interest. With different levels it provides more than many in the educational app field. If they like Max and Ruby, especially Max silliness, they will thoroughly enjoy! I would give it 4.5 out of 5, marks taken off as it can be slow to load. Young man said it was 5/5!!” – Mary

Cost: Free

#3. DK Quiz (iPhone, iPad & Android)

Test your knowledge with DK’s Quiz app and play 100 questions for free. There is a quiz for you whether you love music, film, history, food, travel, insects, inventions, plants, sports, animals.

“My 6 year old played this but I had to help him big time. It’s definitely for an older child eg 10+ as the English used is definitely for children who are used to reading. It’s very much suitable for adults too (I REALLY enjoyed it).  My only quibble with it was that if you entered into one of the quizzes, you had to keep going until all questions were answered (about 15).  You couldn’t exit the game if you’d pressed into it accidentally.” – Debbie

Cost: Free

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#4. Zig Zag Words (iPhone, iPad)

educational appsSwipe your finger in any direction to create words from the jumbled puzzle and find the words related to the pictures appearing on the screen.

Hundreds of pics depicting popular celebrities, movies, brands, places and more…to keep you guessing.

Cost: Free

#5. Rocket Science 101 (Android)

rocket_science_appYou don’t have to be a rocket scientist to launch a NASA spacecraft with NASA’s Rocket Science 101 (RS101)! Select your favourite NASA mission and build a rocket to send the spacecraft into orbit.

“My daughter, Rebecca loved the game. In the app you have to build a rocket and put all the pieces together. The app then talks you through launch and all the different stages of what happens when it hits space. I thought the idea was a little basic and not a whole lot for the child to do. However it got the cool seal of approval from Rebecca. She said it was fun!” Maria

Cost: Free

long division touch app#6. Long Division Touch (iPhone,iPad)

This app is designed to help you learn the mechanics of long division. It has a touch interface where you drag digits down, then slide the decimal into the correct position, and tap to identify repeating decimals.

So example, 8)256, you drag the 8 into ‘25’ and find the correct multiple. Then you drag the 6 down and finish the problem.

There are also lessons in topics such as Long Division Basics, Zero up top, Remainders, Decimals, Repeating Decimals and Decimals in the Divisor.

“My daughter aged 11 tried the app out and felt it was best for someone starting out with long division rather than for her class who have been doing it for 2 years.” Jill

Cost: Free

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#7. Spelling Hero (Android)

Spelling_Hero_appIn this app you take on 10 super villains in a spell contest to the finish! Spelling Heroes gamifies the process of learning to spell.

“This is a great game – my son loved the fact that he could fight the villians – and he didn’t even really realise he was learning. The words are pronounced and you then spell them from a selection of letters. You can get them to repeat the word if required.” Mary

Cost: Free

#8. Motion Math: Hungry Fish (iPhone, iPad and Android)

hungry fish appMotion Math is a mathematical app that helps with the logical and analytical thinking. The idea of the app is that the fish has a number on it and bubbles with different numbers pop up around the place and you have to combine bubbles with the correct numbers in them to match the number the fish carries.

Once you feed the fish with the correct number it grows and if you get it wrong it shrinks. There are plenty of levels in the game to challenge even the most mathematical minded children.

“My daughter age 7 loved the hungry fish app.  She loved the fact that you can change the color of the fish once you get to the next level.” – Bogna

Cost: €1.99 / £1.49 / $1.99  iPhone, iPad and €3.01 on Android

#9. Earth School – iPhone, iPad & Android

earth_school_appThe Earth School app teaches young kids about how the universe began in a fun and effective way that is at just the right level for them to understand. Through 7 different mini-games, kids will explore and learn about the big bang, black holes, planet generation, and galaxies. App is intended for 2-6 years.

On iOS, the free version comes with 6 levels in stage 1, with option to purchase full version, with 11 additional levels. No free version on Android but it does have the 17 levels.

“My 5 year old really enjoyed it! The 7 free levels and mini-games are beautifully illustrated and learning is taught by simple games, so the kids don’t even realise they are learning.” – Sarah

Cost: Free iOS, €1.55 Android.

#10. 6 Numbers (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)

6 numbers by brainbow

The 6 Numbers app get players to combine + – x / and any of the 6 numbers to hit the target. It is about using calculations to make a big number on each level, and it gets harder and harder as you go up levels.

“My daughter downloaded the app on her ipad and is currently on level 12. She likes it because she likes using numbers and trying to figure out the maths.” – Joy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Cost: Free

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Have you tried any of these apps? Tell us what you thought in the comments below.

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