10 Cool Things for Teens to Do in Ireland this Summer


February 9, 2019

Cool Things for Teens to Do

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The summer break can seem endless when you have a teen in the house. Check out our 10 Cool Things for Teens to do in Ireland this Summer which will occupy at least some of that long summer break for them….and let you off the hook!

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When you have a teen who isn’t doing an exam year finishing school at the end of May it can be a long long summer! Here are ideas for something for them to do during the summer months.

10 Cool Things For Teens To Do In Ireland This Summer

#1. Attend a Summer Camp

delphi residential summer camps

Attending a summer camp will give your teen new skills, they will meet new friends and get the opportunity to try out new activities they may not have thought of before. And a residential camp gives them some time away from the family for a bit of independence too.

There are some fantastic Teen Summer Camps available including:

  • Adventure Camps at Delphi Resort where your teen can do 1 day, 3 day or week long camps.
  • The Savvy Teen Academy summer courses in Dublin help teens learn and practice skills that are not taught in schools but that are essential to academic and professional success.

#2. Summer Jobs for Teens

Things for Teens to Do Lifeguard

Depending on your teens age, they may be eligible to work for the summer months. Summer jobs could include working at a local store or restaurant or working as a lifeguard indeed helping out at a summer camp or looking after children.

If your teen is too young for paid employment, you could line up jobs around the home that need doing and pay them for their time.

#3. Activity Breaks with Friends

delphi resort

From heading out for a hike or cycling the Greenway to more structured activities in specialised centres such as Delphi Resort or Lough Key Forest Park, where your teen can enjoy building their confidence. leadership skills and team building with their own friends or with new friends by going on an activity break.

Depending on their age, they could go away together for a few days or could go on a day trip either by public transport, bike, walking or Mum’s / Dad’s taxi service!

#4. Go Camping with Friends

camping hot dog

Let your teen create long lasting memories with a camping trip with friends. Depending on their age, a night under the stars in the back garden or a trip to a campsite or youth hostel will be equally exciting.

I remember my first camping trip with friends when I was a teen. We were due to cycle to Kinvara from Galway city (approx 30kms). The day dawned and so did Hurricane Charley! After going 5kms in an afternoon we called in the reinforcements, our Mums, and took the bus the next day! Great memories.

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#5. Take Independent Day Trips

Things for teens to do

Take a day trip to another town or city in Ireland. Plan how you will get there. Decide on some things to do while you are there. For instance, if you were to visit Dublin you could take the Croke Park Skyline tour and visit the GAA Museum or National Museums or head to Kildare and visit the Irish National Stud, a great day out for teens who are considering working with horses or other animals in the future.

There are plenty of interesting places to see and things for teens to do in every city in Ireland, and if money is tight, remember that most of the museums are free to visit

Do your research and if you want to share your ideas with us, please do in the comments box at the end.

#6. Take a Coaching Course

kids soccer u10 ban

The FAI, IRFU, GAA, Tennis Ireland and the Atlantic Coast Lifeguards all run accredited courses for teens to enable them to coach or learn skills that will equip them with the ability to work, both in Ireland and abroad in the future.

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#7. Learn To Drive

Things for Teens to Do Driving Lessons

Get your provisional licence and take driving lessons during the summer months when you have the time to have consistent lessons.

Study for your Theory Test when other studies are not distracting you. Learning to drive at a young age is a real benefit and should be on every teen’s bucket list.

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#8. Take Part in a Student Exchange

If your teen is learning a new language in secondary school they will have an oral exam. The score they achieve will go toward their final overall mark and can make a real difference in the points they receive for their chosen subject.

Consider letting your teen take part in a student exchange course. They get to immerse themselves in the language of their choice and learn about the cultures and customs of that country. Usually the student comes back to stay at your home too, giving the whole family an insight into a different culture.

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#9. Learn to Cook

things for teens to do

In a few short years your teen will fly the nest. Teaching them a few simple dinners, some healthy snacks and a dessert to wow their friends with, will ensure they are on everybody’s party guest list.

They could take a cookery course or you could let them loose in the kitchen and have dinner cooked for the family once a week. There will be some interesting dishes along the way, and equipping your teen with basic cookery skills is a real gift.

#10. Get Active

Things for teens to do

Recruit your friends to get active. Set yourselves goals and increase them as the summer goes on.

Meet at a set time daily or every 2 days, and jog, swim, cycle, skate, play tennis, basketball, hurling, football etc. at a local park / beach / lake or design your own circuit.

Challenge each other and enjoy the freedom of being outdoors taking part in sport for fun.

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Over to you now! Have you any more ideas for Cool Things for Teens to do? Please share them in the comments box below.

 10 Cool Things for Teens to Do in Ireland this Summer

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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