100 Free Activities for Kids


#61. Play games

Play some board games together. Here are the 10 best board games recommended by Mykidstime Parents.

Happy family on a beach#62. Head to the beach

A trip to the beach is always a fun day out, no matter what the season! If it’s a nice sunny day, you might want to check out our Summer Beach checklist, to make sure you don’t forget to pack an essential item! Why not collect some stones and paint them when you return home to make some garden decorations ?

#63. Make Your Own Shakers

Use old bottles that have a screw top, such as a water bottle. Remove any labels from the bottle. Paint the outside of the botte using some fun coloured paints.

When dry, fill the bottle with rice or lentils or beans. Each item you use to fill inside will make a different sound.

Close the lid and add some stickers to the outside and your shaker is ready to use.

#64. Story Writing

Have a story writing competition. Help younger ones who may be unable to write but can still make up their own story. Let them illustrate their story with pictures.

#65. Make Daisy Chains

The art of daisy chain making is one that should be passed down to your children. Put a small slit in the stem of a daisy, with your nail, and thread a stem of another daisy through it, and repeat to extend length. “Fashion” into necklaces and bracelets, or challenge the kids to see who can make the longest.

boyreading_0#66. Read-a-thon

This is a great activity for older kids – set a challenge to see how many books/chapters can be read during the day. During summer, let your kids take part in a Summer Reading Challenge.

#67. Learn Some Clapping Games

Remember playing Miss Mary Mack? Or A Sailor Went to Sea? Play these and make up some of your own ones too.

 #68. Make a Wind Chime

Wind chimes are easy to make and look charming in every environment. They can be made from just about anything- old cutlery, shells, or old keys.

I like the idea of using shells as it reminds us of a great day out at the beach.

  1. Collect your shells and wash them.
  2. Drill a little hole in the top of each, being careful not to break the shell. It is a good idea to collect some extra shells just in case some to break.
  3. Thread string through the shells and tie a knot after each shell. Vary the strings with the amount of shells you pace on each.
  4. You will then need to tie all strings together by attaching them to a stick.

This stick can also be decorated with any left over shells. Display your fabulous windchime in the garden or inside where it can tinkle and delight.

#69. Visit a Museum

Many local museums are free to visit, they can be inspirational places and provide a learning experience. Often they have kids activities such as treasure hunts or activity sheets. Or join a tour to find out more about some of the objects in the museum.

#70. Make a flippy book/moving story

This is an ideal craft for an older kid – all you need is a drawing pad, and pencil. Explain how the book works, that you draw an image in the same corner of the book on each page, and that each image changes only slightly. Stickman are a good starting point, in different poses. Then you flip through the pages and watch their character “start to move”

#71. Create a Handprint Family Tree

You will need some paints and 2 large sheets of cardboard (or use A4 paper) and willing hands.

  1. Working from the biggest to smallest hands, have each person dip her hands in her chosen paint and print them on the page, overlapping the handprints slightly as the group moves up the tree.
  2. Use a paintbrush to add a tree trunk and then let all the paint dry.
  3. Identify each set of handprints with a permanent marker.
  4. Cut out the tree and glue it to the page. You could then date and frame this family handprint tree.

#72. Play Shop

Set up a little grocery/mini supermarket with tins and packets. If you have a play till set up a checkout table and they can take it in turns to be the checkout person or the shopper. The ironing board made a great checkout in my youth! Have some bags ready to put the purchases in.

#73. Skim Some Stones

Apparently skimming stones is a skill! But if you can find a small rounded, flat stone you should manage to skim it enough to impress your little ones.

makingphotoalbum#74. Make a Photo Album

Browse through your digital camera or your pictures on the computer and print off your favourite family photos. Then let the kids arrange them in a photo album

#75. Balloon Ping-Pong

All you need is some balloons, and either table-tennis bats, or make your own bats using paperplates and sticks for handles. Clear some space in the hall and off they go.

#76. Life sized drawings on large sheets

Get a large roll of paper, like have on easels/boards, and draw their outline(s) on the paper. They can then colour in, adding features, clothes etc. This is also a great winner at parties.

#77. Laser grid

All you need for this ingenious activity is some string or wool (preferably red), sticky tape, and a hallway. You need to create a grid using the string/wool that the kids will then attemp to pass through without touching the string or “laser”. Anyone who does touch the laser has to return to the start line again.

You can begin with an easy grid and increase the level of difficulty with age and ability. It will occupy them for hours! And you may want to have a go yourself!

#78. Make a Cardboard Town

If you have a giant cardboard box, why not draw a town on the bottom of the box, with roads, tracks, bridges, parks, car-parks, etc. Add some wooden building blocks, cars,trains and some wooden/plastic animals. And let your kid’s imagination run wild. Older kids could help with decorating/creating the scene.

#79. Misfit Characters

Give kids old magazines/catalogues and get them to cut out pictures of heads,torso,legs and shoes. They can then have some fun mixing them up, and gluing on blank sheets of paper.

#80. Have a Toy Exchange

A great way to get rid of unused toys, have your friends or neighbours do a toy clearout and then gather to swap your old toys for something new to your kids and different.

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