100 Free Activities for Kids


#81. Make a home Movie

The movie will be a delight to watch when your small ones have grown up and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. The movie can be about a tyoical day in your life or you could dress up and bring out the inner actors in you and yours!

#82. Retell Jokes

Tell some old old jokes you love. The classic “Knock Knock” jokes or perhaps “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road”? Find out who is the wittiest in your house!

cookies#83. Bake some Cookies

There’s nothing better than the smell of home cooking to greet you at the front door. Kids love cooking or baking. Set their little hands to work with an easy recipe to follow or join in the fun too and bake some delicious cookies like these yummy chocolate chip cookies together.

#84. Magic Show

You could borrow a book from your local library, and learn some magic tricks. Once proficient why not put on a magic show for your family.

#85. Have a Hula Hoop Contest

With your Hulas at the ready, get those hips moving and try to control your hoop longer than everyone else.

#86. Learn to Whistle

Whistling can seem a bit hard at first, but practice maked perfect. Once that mastered why not try whistling through a blade of grass. Not as easy as it sounds, place the flat grass leaf between your 2 thumbs and blow through, to make a most unusual sound.

#87. Make jigsaws

Jigsaws are a whole-family activity that can work well between differently-aged siblings.  Set each member of the family up with a puzzle to suit their skill level, all helping each other finish, or create teams to work on large puzzle together.

You can even make your own family-photo jigsaws using an enlarged photo printed onto plain paper from your computer

#88. Measure rainfall

Take a large jar/ cut the top off a large plastic water bottle and put outside in the rain. At regular intervals or when the rain has stopped, measure the height of the rain that day or hour and make a chart of the rainfall over time.

#89. Press some Flowers

On your next walk out or in the garden, pick some flowers and place them between 2 sheets of paper in the middle of a big book. Put some more heavy books on top of it and leave for a few days.

#90. Watch the Sun Rise

Set your alarm clock and wake your children in time to watch the sun rise. Then get out the paints later and have them paint the sunrise they saw.

#91. Decorate flip flops or Crocs

Glam up your summer shoes by adding sequins, ribbons and buttons to them. Use craft glue and any items you have lying around at home.

#92. Face Painting

Take turns painting each other’s faces. You can say what you want to be, as in a tiger or let your face painter surprise you. Take photos of the handiwork!

#93. Hunt for animal tracks

Look around your garden or if you are out for a walk, and see if you can spot and animal tracks. Borrow a book from the library to help you identify the different animal/bird tracks.

#94. Play 20 Questions

One person thinks of a thing or a person and the others have to guess what it is but are only allowed to ask questions that get a Yes or a No. The others must guess by the 20th question. First one to guess gets to pick the next item to be guessed.

#95. Hold a Blinking Contest

Stare at your opponent while trying not to blink. Whoever closed their eyes first loses.

#96. Play Football

Sunday football

Hold a family game of football in the garden or ask your neighbours to join in and choose teams.

#97. Sock Puppets

Gather up some of your old socks, and some items for eyes, mouths, and noses, to make some sock puppets. If your kids can sew, they can add the decorating with needle and thread, but for younger kids use glue. You could create a puppet theatre in a cardboard box, and let the kids put on a puppet show for you – be sure to record it though.

#98. Run a bootcamp

Have the kids participate in your own boot camp. Ease them in to it by having them walk 2 laps of the garden. Next let them jog around. Throw in some jumping jacks, lunges, squats and leg lifts. Are they sweating yet? How about some hula hoop jumping skipping. Cool down afterwards.

#99. Play a Game of Charades

Charades can be played with any type of word or phrase, but with kids you may find that movie titles work best. Most kids are familiar with many simple movie titles such as Sleeping Beauty or The Lion King. And even the youngest can act out Pinocchio!

#100. Make homemade skittles

All you need is plastic bottles, filled with rice, and paints and a ball. Fill the bottles with rice, and tightly close/glue the lid back on. Next paint the bottles, with some funny faces and bodies,patterns and numbers etc. Grab a ball and all set to play

All these ideas will hopefully have given you some more ideas of your own. Let us know your own suggestions for free things to do with kids in the comments below.

photo credit: Mrs Logic via photopin cc


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