13 Fun Games to Play at a Restaurant


7. Play I Packed my Bags

A favourite of ours, this is a memory game – and is great way to pass the time in the car or restaurant.

  1. First player starts with “I packed my bags for X and in it I put …” naming the object they want to include
  2. Next player continues “I packed my bags for X and in it I put..”, and they must name what first person said, and then add another item to the list
  3. The play continues on so, and gets subsequently harder. A player goes out of the game if they forget one of the items said prior to their go, and the winner is last player remaining in game.

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8. Play Would You Rather/ Question Game

A fun game, where someone asks any random questions(the more random the better, in our opinion) like “Would you rather be a snail or a spider?”, “Do you prefer ice-cream or chocolate?”, “How many kids would you like when you grow up?”, “Would you rather be an astronaut or a zoo keeper?”  etc.

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child drawing-428383_6409. Colour/Draw

Again this assumes that you come prepared with paper/colouring books and pencils/crayons.

But most restaurants will have paper or disposable childrens menus, and possibly crayons, or a pen.

10. Play X’s and O’s

You can play this with pen and paper, or alternatively make your grid with 4 straws and use coins for one player and salt/sugar sachets for other player.

11. Play Pass the Paper

The first person draws a head and folds the page so the others can see it – they then pass this page onto the next player, and they must draw the body (not knowing what the head looks like). They then fold so that head and body cannot be seen, and next player draws the legs. They then unfold the page and the results are usually hilarious.

A different version for older kids is to write a story. They first person starts the story with a few sentences, then folds the page, leaving their last word visible to next player. The second player then continues the story, and folds, leaving their last word for the next player. It continues on like this till last player ends the story, and unfolds and reads the story.

Playing Cards12. Play Cards

Okay this does assume you have come prepared, with a pack of cards, but if not, check if the restaurant have a pack – you may be surprised. It also might be worth just keeping a pack in your bag for these occasions.

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13. Alphabet Game

Pick a letter from the alphabet and each player must try and guess a word with that letter. A player is eliminated if they can’t think of a word with the chosen letter, and winner is last player remaining. For older kids, you could make this more challenging and pick a type of thing for the letters, like town names, fruit, vegetables, animals etc.

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Over to you! Do you have favourite restaurant games to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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