19 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Make the Most of the Season


11. Water Science Experiments

Expand water play and learn and experiment with some everyday objects around the house.

11 Summer Play

Image via Creative Connections for Kids

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12. Outdoor Games

Play your way through these outdoor games. The games will be enjoyed by children of all ages (I’m sure you will have some adults who are keen to give them a go too!)

12 Summer Play

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13. Mud Kitchen

From making cakes and pies to simply getting messy, Messy Little Monster shows us how to put a very simple mud kitchen together. If you prefer a ‘cleaner’ option you could always make your very own Rainbow Clean Mud like You Clever Monkey, or get mark making with some colourful Mud Paint, like Learn Play Imagine.

13 Summer Play

14. Ice Play

Kids love activities with ice and it also gives learning opportunities as you discuss the science behind ice. Get some inspiration from these great ideas:

14 Summer Play

15. Make a Kite and Fly it

We recently took a trip to a local toy store and Little N really wanted a £2 Frozen kite that she saw hanging up. We took it out with us that evening as we visited the park and I was pleasantly suprised at just how much fun we all had flying it! It is probably the best £2 I have ever spent.

Imagine designing and creating your very own? Older children especially would love this kite challenge from Red Ted Art! Here is a great read before you go out flying your kite – Get Outside and Connect by Rhythms of Play


Image via Red Ted Art

16. Gardening with Toddlers

Have you planted your own seeds this year? If not get yourself down to a garden centre and select some plants with your little ones. Enjoy planting up beautiful pots to decorate your gardens. You could even make a personalized flower pot gift, like this one from Messy Little Monster.

16 Summer Play

Image via Learning & Exploring Though Play

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17. Art That’s Perfect for Outdoors

There are so many fun ways to experiment with art. Some art can get pretty messy so take it outdoors! You can’t beat the freedom to get creative!

17 Summer Play

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18. Summer Crafts

Do you have children who love to create and make things? From boats to fairies to suncatchers, here’s a fun list of crafts to work your way through, during the Summer months:

18 Summer Play

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19. Super Messy Sensory Play

We love Sensory Play over on our blog, once the weather starts getting warmer it’s great being able to take the super messy play outdoors. With a quick blast of the hose or a sweep with the brush, all the mess is gone! Here are some super messy play ideas that are perfect to take outdoors in Summer.

19 Summer Play

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Over to you! Any more summer activities to add to list? Let us know in comments below.


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