27 Innovative & Fun Ideas for Water Play

Amy Louise

March 10, 2015

water play for kids

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10.  Tornado Tubes

Explore the force of a vortex with Tornado Tubes, in this fun visual experiment for Toddler+. I love the ‘spin’ on this activity and how they added glitter to make the ‘tornado’ stand out more.

Tornado tubes

Mama Smiles

11. Homemade Water Wall

If you are looking to create a fun addition to your outdoor spaces, a Water Wall will give you just that. We created this in the Spring(without using any nails or screws either!), and it was played with all Summer long.

Homemade water well

Learning and Exploring Through Play

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12. Pond Hunt

We’re going on a Pond Hunt! Children love making things so they will no doubt love creating their own instruments to use down at the pond like they did during this activity. This is a day they wont be forgetting any time soon I bet.

Pond hunt

Buggy and Buddy (Guest Post from Joys of the Journey)

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13. Water Play for Baby

A very simple set up, for baby water play, using supplies from around the home to create a fun sensory activity for tummy time for baby.

baby water play

Pink Oatmeal

14. Ice Fun (All Year Long)

We have fun with ice all year long! We create ice sculptures, mark make, count ice blocks and we even hide items within ice.

fun with ice

Learning and Exploring Through Play

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15. Water Fountain Fun

What fun this Home made Water Fountain is ! Children will really enjoy experimenting with water and watching as it rushes out of the straw! Learn with Play at Home gives us lots of ideas about how to extend and simplify this activity according to your child’s age and ability.

homade water fountain

Learn with Play at Home

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16. Fishing for Numbers

Is your child currently learning number recognition? Or are they working on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division? What ever their current learning goals, this Fishing for Numbers activity allows opportunity to explore all of these mathematical concepts. It’s a fun homemade game that provides active learning.

fishing for numbers

Buggy and Buddy

17. DIY Water Table

Here Adventures in a Box share with us how you can create your very own Water Table.

DIY water table

Adventures in a Box

18. Pond Sensory Sink

Outdoor water play is just the best in the warm weather however here is a great alternative if the weather is not so warm outside! A sensory sink – in this case a Pond Sensory Sink. My Nearest and Dearest have many Sensory Sinks so take a look at on their site if you would like more inspiration.

Pond sensory sink

My Nearest and Dearest

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