5 Tips for Getting Active During the Holidays

Jill Holtz

August 13, 2012

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Like this? Share it with your network!

We have teamed up with Beko Home Appliances to encourage Mums (and Dads) to get active. This month we are giving you ideas for getting active during the holidays.  Here are 5 suggestions for getting out and about and active with your child while school/nursery is off.

#1. Discover a new sport together

Everyone has gone Olympics mad this summer.  Why not try out a new sport together that your child has never played?  Tennis, handball, hockey, badminton anyone? Older kids might enjoy researching the rules of the sport and even younger kids can get involved with learning some of them.

#2. Cycle Fun

Head out for a bike ride somewhere together.  (If you can’t fit all the bikes in the car, Mum or Dad could walk while your child rides their bike along side to pace her!).  Don’t forget the helmets, even for Mum & Dad.

#3. Have a Mini Swimathon

Pack up the togs and hats and goggles and head for your nearest swimming pool for a mini swimathon.  Try some swimming or hopping/jumping races.  Try handstands in the shallow end or practice being mermaids/dolphins in the water.  Here’s an easy game to play in the water: “Guess the Animal” where one person has to pretend to be an animal and the others guess what it is.

#4. Try a new Playground

Pack up a picnic and visit a playground you have never been to before.  Many new playgrounds have equipment for older kids as well but throw the scooters or bikes or skateboard in the back of the car for older kids in case they find the playground equipment is “boring”.  Also, many parks with playgrounds have good areas for scooting/cycling.

#5. Head for the hills

When was the last time you all climbed a hill together?  Find a nearby hill, and if it’s looking nice and breezy, bring along a kite as well.  Play “aeroplanes” where you run down the hill with your arms out wide or if it looks reasonably safe how about a little rolling down the hill :)

We hope you have a great time during the holidays!

If you have a favourite activity during the school holidays with your kids, share it with us in the comment box below.

Like this? Share it with your network!

Like this? Share it with your network!

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