50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids


21. Make tie-dye clothes

If your child is tired of their boring white socks, why not have a tie dye day? You will need white clothing, bucket, water, various dyes, rubber bands, rubber gloves to protect your hands. How you fold and secure with rubber bands, helps determine the pattern that results. Best to start with lightest colour, if using more than one, and follow dye instructions carefully.

Expert Village has a good video to get you started making a tie dye spiral design:

22. Paint Paint Paint

Cover the table with newspaper sheets and get out the poster paints or watercolours and some paper and have an art session at the kitchen or dining table. Marble painting is also great fun. All you need is a plastic holder/tray or square basin, add your sheet of paper. 2/3 colours of paint, and a marble. Allow the kids to move the box around to create their designs.

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kids-playing_023. Enjoy some outdoor games

Get your kids playing outdoor games – they might need a little bit of instruction to get them started, so have a look at our 20 Great Childhood Games for inspiration.

Also here are some obstacle course ideas for kids guaranteed to get them active and having fun!

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24. Skim some Stones

Apparently skimming stones is a skill! But if you can find a small rounded, flat stone you should manage to skim it enough to impress your little ones.

25. Try some nature activities

Let the kids try some fun nature activities, when you are on a walk, or even at home in the garden. Lots of ideas in our 15 Fun Nature Activities for Kids.

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26. Help in the Garden

Let the kids get stuck in and help you out in the garden, with these 10 garden chores they will enjoy doing.

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27. Make summer scrapbooks

Make summer scrapbooks, so they can look back at their summer and see all the great things they did. Use photographs, and information gathered from day-trips, like leaflets, ticket stubs etc. Encourage them to do drawings of special day trips made. They can even add their own pages using craft paper, and decorate with glue, sparkles etc.

28. Make a playlist and host a disco

On iTunes, Spotify, Audiolizer, Google Play Music or we7 you can create your own playlists of your favourite songs. Why not pick 5 songs each that you all like, to add to your playlist, then put it on shuffle and have a Mini Disco in the house. Move back the furniture, and get moving – why not try best and worst dancer competitions, and get everyone to try the Can Can and limbo dancing?

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29. Lego-Building Contest

Most houses have lego, so why not spent a day having a lego-building contest. Pick a theme e.g. vehicles, single coloured blocks etc. and let them loose constructing.

30. Bake

Most kids love to bake, with the promise of a sweet treat at the end! We have lots of recipe ideas in our food and recipes section, to give you some inspiration, like these yummy lemon bunsthese breakfast berry muffins, or chocolate chip cookies.

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