50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids


#11. Have a Picnic

Picnic on the beach

All of these fun things to do at the beach are exhausting and you’ll need to recharge. Yes, you’ll get sand in your sandwiches and spill your juice but hey that’s the joy of eating a picnic at the beach. Make sure to use our Picnic Checklist, so nothing gets forgotten.

#12. Have a Beach Scavenger Hunt

Print off and take our Beach Scavenger Hunt list and see how many of the things you can find.


#13. Do Some Bird Watching

How many different types of sea and shore birds can you spot? Take a notepad and keep a count of different types and draw them too.

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#14. Spot a Seal or a Dolphin

Maybe you’ll be fortunate enough to spot a mammal like a seal, dolphin or even a whale!

#15. Play a Ball Game

Round up some extra bodies and have a game of Football, Tag Rugby or Volleyball.

#16. Make Stone Towers

Boy making rock towers for things to do at the beach

Find flat stones of different sizes and pile them up into stone towers. See who can make the tallest stone tower before it topples over.

You could also make little towns/cities with stone towers for each building, and fences/walls from smaller stones.

#17. Collect Pretty Pebbles

Collect 10 gorgeous pebbles. See if you can find 10 different colours. Make “drawings” with your coloured pebbles.

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#18. Play Rounders

The beach is a great place to play a game of rounders because you have plenty of space to set out the play space and it’s fun to run on the sand. Just don’t hit the ball into the sea!

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#19. Have a BBQ

Follow safety precautions and you’ll be fine having a BBQ at the beach (not too close to any grass or foliage). Sausages and marshmallows (or s’mores) are the easiest to cook for a Beach BBQ.

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#20. Hunt for Fossils

If it’s a stony beach, have a hunt for fossils in rocks, sometimes you can find some cool examples. At our nearby beach we have found several plant fossils and something that looks like an ancient shell.


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