50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids


#21. Play a Game of Frisbee

Frisbee is the ultimate classic beach game and the great thing is it’s lightweight to pop one in your bag to bring along with you.

#22. Fly a Kite

It’s often breezy at the beach and there’s plenty of room to run to get the kite lifted, so bring a kite and enjoy flying it.

Just be sure to hold on tight to the string, as the wind can often lift the kite higher, and tug the string fron little hands. Younger kids will probably need some help from adults


#23. Do Some Fishing

Girl and boy fishing at the beach

You’ll need angling equipment or else beach fishing nets. Very relaxing but you do need to be patient too.

#24. Take Photographs

See how many different interesting things and angles you can take photos of. (Make sure you ask permission if taking photos of people).

When you’ve decided what things to do at the beach, take photos of them – capture the memories of your best ever sand castle, the shells you’ve found and the fun of splashing in the waves!

You May Also Enjoy Alphabet Photo Hunt

#25. Have Sand Races

Mark a start and finish line and have some fun sand racing.

#26. Search for Pirate Treasure

Kids digging in the sand for things to do at the beach

Pretend you are a pirate and hunt and dig for buried treasure. Maybe you need to look where X marks the spot!

You might enjoy trying real life treasure hunting: geocaching!

#27. Read a Beach-Themed Book

One of our favourite seaside-themed books is Sally and the Limpet by Simon James, about a little girl Sally who goes to the beach and gets a limpet stuck to her finger.

Or you might enjoy The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson (author of The Gruffalo), about a little snail who takes a journey around the world on the tail of a whale.

#28. Scoop that Sand

Little girl pouring sand on the beach

This activity is one of the best things to do at the beach for younger kids, but even older ones enjoy scooping and playing with sand. Bring plenty of spades and buckets and containers to enjoy the ultimate sand play.

#29. Blow Bubbles

Take some bubble mixture with you to the beach and enjoy them blowing away on the sea breeze.

#30. Seashell Races

Each person finds a seashell, then everyone lines their seashell right at the water’s edge where the waves lap up on the beach, when the next wave comes in, whoever’s shell moves the farthest wins.

Make sure and save these to bring home and do some shell crafts.


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