50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids


#31. Peek Under Stones

Things to do at the beach

Have a snoop and see what insect life or sea life you find under large stones at the beach.

You’ve a better chance of seeing some sea or beach life under stones that are closer to the shore, or even in rock pools.


#32. Build a Dam

Make a big dam out of sand and stones then add water and keep it from leaking (it’s harder than you think!).

#33. Make a Sand Sculpture

Could you make a dolphin or a turtle out of sand? Or a fish? Or a Mermaid?

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#34. Hunt for Shells for a Necklace

Find shells that have holes in them so you can string them onto a cord for a necklace. (Or you could make a windchime later too).

#35. Climb Up a Big Rock

Children climbing a big rock at the beach

Find a big rock to climb up (watch it’s not slippy) and then sing I’m the King of the Castle when you get to the top.

#36. Help Keep the Seaside Clean and Animals Safe

If you see any plastic rubbish, help to keep the beach clean and sea animals safe by taking it to a bin. Seals, fish and dolphins are all damaged every year by plastic that they either swallow or get caught on their body parts so you’ll be doing them a big favour!

#37. Bury Feet in Sand

Sandy feet for things to do at the beach

It’s not recommended any more to bury people up to their necks in sand but you can bury your Mum or Dad or sibling’s (or even your own feet) in the sand.

#38. Beach Bowling

Bring a beach ball, make the pins out of sand and take it turns to knock them over.

#39. Fill a Bucket Relay Race

You’ll need two teams and two buckets. Each team has to run down to the water one at a time and carry back water in their hands to try to fill the bucket before the next person goes. First team to fill their bucket wins.

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#40. Jump the Waves

See if you can jump over all the waves coming into the beach. Every single one of them!


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