50 Interesting Things to Do at the Beach with Kids


#41. Sand Art

Rabbit picture in the sand on the beach

Let the sand be your canvas! Draw a picture in the sand and see how creative you can be. It could even be a family competition to see whose masterpiece is the most impressive.

#42. Limbo Dancing

The great thing about limbo dancing on the beach is the sand is soft to land on. (You could bring along a skipping rope to use as the limbo pole).


#43. Find a Mermaid’s Purse

See if you can find a mermaid’s purse. These are the egg casings from sharks, skates, and chimaeras.

They are often found at the strandline, the farthest point of the high tide.

#44. Dig a Tunnel

See if you can dig a tunnel to the country at the opposite side of the world to you!

#45. Do Beach Gymnastics

Kids doing gymnastics on the beach

Can you do a cartwheel? A somersault on the sand? or even a backflip?

#46. Eat Ice Cream

One of life’s pleasures at the beach, a 99 cone or an ice lolly, drips and all.

If there’s nowhere to buy ice cream, you may need to bring your own in a freezer box. Here are 8 Healthy Ice Pop Recipes & 10 Simple Ice Cream Recipes that kids will love.

#47. Play Sharks and Minnows

One person is the Shark, the rest are Minnows. The Shark stands in the middle of the group and has to catch all the minnows. If you’re a minnow and you’re caught you have to stand still.

#48. Sand Hopscotch

Mark out your hopscotch grid with shells and driftwood and then draw the numbers in. You’ll need a tossing stone and some good hopping technique!

#49. Make Sand Angels

Instead of Snow Angels make Sand Angels! Lie down on your back and move your arms up and down then get up very carefully!

You could decorate your sand angel with pretty shells and stones afterwards.

#50. Watch the Sunset

At the end of the long day, enjoy the sun setting over the sea and the colours of a beautiful sunset.

What are your favourite things to do at the beach with the kids? Tell us any great ideas for things to do at the beach with kids in the comments below.

Things to do at the beach

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